Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’m an introvert. The blog is part of my personal project to not be such a damned twat and never leave my home sim, eat worms and whinge about no one liking me or inviting me places ™. So last night, a friend had IMed me something and rather than doing my usual “oh, send me an LM, I’ll go check it out” (…later, when no one is around and I don’t feel like I invited myself into his outing and I can wander by myself and not feel awkward) I told him to TP me.

And this happened. (So very much NSFW photo behind the cut)

He had positioned himself inside the tattoo shop in such a way that when he TPed me, I landed right between the feet of the lovely statue from Zensuai Sculpture, which had been scaled up to look like it was holding up the building rather than a table as seen in the creator’s shop. So I’d landed in front of a cock bigger than my avatar. Prior to rezzing completely, I received this lovely snapshot.

Unedited Photo by Vengeful Ravenheart

Unedited Photo by Vengeful Ravenheart

“Well you said you were a size queen…” was said in his defense.

While recovering from laughter, I promptly Landmarked it and sent it out to several people, naturally, who would get just as good of a laugh out of it as I was currently having; wiping tears from the corners of my eyes and trying not to keel over from lack of oxygen. We spent the remainder of the evening wandering a sim full of naked male statues, riding Vespucci’s through my sim, and sitting around a campfire chatting, laughing and getting to know each other better. (Get your minds outta the gutter, that’s my turf.)

Toward the end of the evening, I was told that I “effortlessly talk to anyone and make it look easy.”  I had to sit down and open a beer after that and stare in awe with rapidly blinking anime eyes. Me? What? Are you crazed?

We’re not the awkward, back-wards walking dimwits we make ourselves think we are, usually. There’s always someone out there who can make you laugh, whose company you enjoy, and whom you can help have a great evening too if you just say ‘TP me!’ now and again. We’re not awkward with you, our friends, who help us make it look easy and effortless. You set us at ease. You make us comfortable. You enable us to let out our real selves; scars, dents, scratches and all.

So thank you.

And for reference, if you set the Vespucci into 3rd gear and hold the Page-Up key to pop a wheelie before gunning it across an open road, you can catch enough air to go right up over a mountain and sail over the beach before crash landing on top of a building across the sim. I can not guarantee the safety of anyone who may be brave enough to ride bitch on the back of the bike with you during your attempts.



9 thoughts on “Introverts Put Out

  1. brittainycollins says:

    oh my god!!!!! its the godzilla of cocks! dies laughing

    1. What kills me is my expression and pose is just “SO VERY” and it’s just my AO.. and I had no clue I was standing next to a cock bigger than my avatar. I’m still laughing.

  2. I think you look quite confident and capable even with that monstrosity so close 😉

    1. I like the way you think, Bock! Petr has taught me well. LOL

  3. That’s what’s awesome about genitalia-based design in SL: the subtlety.
    And joking aside, the trouble with being self-aware is that you know it took you .5 milliseconds to respond because you couldnt’ think of the right thing to say: the other person? doesn’t know what you know. It’s way easy to paint yourself into a corner. :/

  4. Lexxiius says:

    What you said about being an introvert is so true and beautifully written.

  5. Introvert here, too. Nice post 🙂

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