Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

For years, I’ve flitted back and forth between silver/grey eyes and purple eyes. Back and forth, looking for that perfect in between that I could never seem to find.  When Damien Fate put out his 2.0 MESH eyes with the incredible HUD that let you manipulate ALL THE THINGS and really make them unique, I’d died and gone to… OH FFS LAG HELL!.

Custom Fate 3.0 Eyes.

Custom Fate 3.0 Eyes.

Through absolutely zero fault of his own and purely because my computer at the time and the network connection I suffered with, I just couldn’t wear mesh eyes. They would take forever and a day to load and it didn’t matter which mesh eyes I tried. Always the same result. So I just, sadly, put my little Fate Eyes 2.0 away in a folder where it sat and I would just poke at it from time to time.

Between then and now, of course, I’ve gotten a bigger (better, faster, stronger, RAWR!) computer and have a much better internet connection. Between those, server side baking, improvements in Firestorm and the like. the release of FATEwear’s Eyes 3.0 has me outstandingly, absurdly, deliciously happy.

The HUD is VERY easy to understand and splits out each part of the eye for separate manipulations for color, size, shape, shading, textures, ermagherd, you name it. Damien even put out a video to walk you through what parts of the HUD manipulate which sections of the eye as well as animation overriders to hold your eyes and body still so you can work on them.  Oh, and did I mention you can do each eye individually if you want a completely and totally unique look? Even if its as simple as just changing the shade slightly from one eye to the next.

Lastly, and most importantly I think, there are multiple save points so you can save different versions so you have the perfect, completely customized by you, look for whatever the occasion be it roleplay or just a mood change.

If you have the 2.0 version, simply wear the hud and wait about 10 minutes for an update.  If you don’t have 2.0, get thee hence to the Marketplace!


Damien’s Blog including Video Tutorial
Marketplace Direct Link – $395L … Its a STEAL at this price.

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