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I don’t get free / blogger stuff from very many creators. I think its safe to say 99% of what I blog, I bought.  As my recent absence from Second Life got longer and longer, and I was only able to check my offlines once a week or so, I realized, “OH Carp! You didn’t let them know you’d be gone so they’d stop sending them!”  One of the designers I blog for does their blogger releases via their in-world group so since I wasn’t picking them up, no worries. Another, though, sends out everything to the list of folks who blog for him. I thought, “Oh Carp! I need to let him know I’m gonna be gone for the foreseeable.” I tossed him a note, thanked him for letting me blog for him while I did, and I’d check back in when I returned to SL.

My offline’s quickly capped and I would see notifications that I was still being sent items but since I was long capped, I figured it was no big deal since when I did finally get in world, it wouldn’t get delivered anyway.

Oh ho, but was I wrong! I have been slowly working through my inventory mess and my objects and received items folder were FULL of stuff that I was sent while I was offline. Over half of these items I don’t even remember seeing a notification in my email for at all.  So apparently, even while offline and with IMs capped, you can still receive items sent to you. I’m sure it isn’t consistent, as I know there were things that I was sent I didn’t receive. Just SL being SL I suppose.

So while this particular outfit came out last month, I’m still gonna blog it like its brand spankin’ new because, for me, it is!

FATEplay, by Damien Fate, has done up three beautiful outfits inspired by Game of Thrones; Dany, Lena and the one I’m wearing here, Nick. I have to say, right off the bat, these are stunning pieces.  Not only are they accurate inspirations of the outfits from the show, but as always with Damien’s work, the shadows, wrinkles, and real *feel* of the fabric are all there. You can mix and match between coat, belt, trousers and gloves between the various colors as well as choose which alpha layer to wear (all for one and one for all, or individual pieces).

The coat/belt can be worn with any other pair of trousers should you wish to mix it up even more with other clothes. The movement of the coat is outstanding and doesn’t fall victim to the ‘rubber mesh’ around the legs that a lot of outfits end up doing. This is also the first pair of mesh gloves I’ve ever worn. As I cycled through poses, they all seemed to work just fine with them. The only exception was a pose I didn’t end up using because it was a ‘lean against the wall on one hand’ pose and the sharp bend of the wrist caused the glove to move unflatteringly and crease at the wrist. I don’t fault the item for that, more just the way the SL skeleton works.

And now, off to the airport for a business trip to NYC. My surface arrived and I got it rigged up so will be testing it with Go-Go Inflight internet to see if I can log in from 30,000 feet.


Style Card:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ – Silver Pale
Outfit: FATEplay – Nick – Night
Location: Sandalphon – Pravda Graveyard

One thought on “Fated Nights

  1. Vixn Dagger says:

    That coat is beautifully done…awesome texture work.

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