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While I’m sure this isn’t news for most people, it is getting harder and harder to find original outfits in SL. I know there’s the SLOCCA group to find creators that only put out their own mesh and don’t use templates, but are there other ways of finding original clothes and accessories?

Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t have a problem buying something that was made from a template. I own a lot of template stuff. If its good, its good. There are a lot of amazing texture artists out there that don’t have the mesh creation skills yet. It comes down to the textures and work that goes on top of the mesh template that sets the outfits apart from one another. But then I’m a total whore for shadows.

The last two days I’ve been out grid hopping and catching up on designers whose clothes I have always liked and I’ve seen the same 2-3 templates in several shops. So then, naturally, I went on the hunt and hit up a whole bunch of different designers and found them all over. Some outstanding, some great, some just ok and one or two that weren’t good at all.

So it makes me wonder, do people shop around at a lot of stores before buying any new mesh outfits from non-SLOCCA members to make sure you find the best one?  How much does the price factor in when comparing two different offerings of the same templated item?  Or do you just not buy template items?

No judgements either way, I’m just really curious what people think.



Style Card:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Shirt: …Scars… – Mesh T-Shirt
Tattoo: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story
Necklace: Illusions – Cord Wraps
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax  /  (With Nivaro Appliers)
Table:Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Table – Black Top A
Chair: Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Black Chair A
Magazines: Studio Skye – Thumbed Magazines Sample
Coffee Tray: Cheeky Pea – Hastings Tray (From Collabor88)
Cottage: POST – Palomar Cottage (5/24 Neighbourhood Sale)


Categories: Mesh

12 thoughts on “Template Torment

  1. If I see those ‘denim’ shorts for guys with the plaid cuffs One. More. Time…

    1. I (And Zaaf… and others…) want mesh boyshorts, dammit. Cut-off short shorts. Is that so much to ask?

      1. On boy-shorts: I blogged a pretty good set a while back, lemme dredge up that link. Here we go. Warning, it IS the plaid-cuffs-and-denimesque-body shorts I was just bitching about: this is the only iteration I’ve seen of them that I like. (and there is a black pair I didn’t blog). I can model these inworld for you at some point, if you’d like a closer look?

        On The Future Of Templates: I’m curious how this scenario of everybody using the same templates is going to shift- if at all- with the advent of fitted/deformable/whateverthehellthey’recallingitthisweek mesh. I fear it may just get worse, though a friend who creates mesh templates tells me that she’s only going to have to alter one or two things to allow her existing mesh to fit into the new standard.

      2. While those are, without a doubt shorts, I mean short-shorts. I have a lot of regular system layer + mesh/sculpt belts/pockets/etc but so far we don’t have a men’s short-shorts option at all. Like these from Jomo (

        And the whole liquid mesh thing is weird. I’ve picked up a couple- most recently the leathers from +grasp+. Not being a creator myself, I don’t know what to look for in the difference between liquid/non-liquid mesh items.

      3. Ohhhh, like, REALLY-shorts. I haven’t seen much of those, mesh or system-fabric: I think that fashion is elsewhere lately. I’ll keep my eyes open though!

      4. Fashion is sadly usually elsewhere where I am concerned. 😀

      5. Zaaf says:

        YES!!! Enough with the knee-lengthers!! Bring on the boy-shortiest, hottest-pantsiest, ass-poking-through-short-shortiest shorts in mesh, please!!!! (Yesterday would be a workable timeframe for me.)

  2. Zaaf says:

    I have three favorite texture artists that buy their templates from the same source, and yes, I do hop the grid between them to see which I like best. They’re all pretty damn good, though, so sometimes it comes down to who added the coolest retexturing HUD options.

    1. You’re totally right about the HUD options. Being able to color/texture change with better options in a HUD will often be a tipping point in something I buy anyway, moreso when you have options from different sellers.

  3. brittainycollins says:

    its been driving me nuts to be perfectly honest.. there is so many women wearing the same damn things.. and not even being unique in texturing or styling. I get creativity and wanting to try new things.. but lately all I have been seeing is tacky..

    1. Styling definitely sets templates apart for sure, I didn’t even really get into that aspect of it but I should have. I’m almost of the mind that a template outfit can become almost more of an accessory to the rest of what you’ve put together and make other items stand out. Food for thought!

  4. Rwah says:

    I am a lazy dob. My mood greatly dictates what I buy but I do get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. However I did some nice discoveries at the WGF and found some designers that are new to me. But I go with what works for me also in my pictures.. when in doubt go with as little clothes as you can get away with.

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