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chillWhile I will concede that there are a few good reasons to be awake before 7am on a Saturday, on the whole I have to say it really sucks being unable to sleep in on the weekends. I think I saw it in an AARP brochure somewhere that its just part and parcel of this whole becoming ancient process.

I’m incredibly susceptible to suggestion, however, this early in the morning in my pre-caffine state and as I thought to myself, “Well, I can post up the stuff that I got from The Neighbourhood Saturday sale last night before bed…” I promptly got the song from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood stuck in my head. It had gotten itself pretty damn well earwormed until I remembered a “cover version” from a local band, Idiot Flesh, with alternate lyrics. Now my morning can continue. And so can yours!

Hi, I’m Nigel. SQUIRREL!

So yea, picked up The Neighborhood list and took off around midnight to snap up all of this Saturday’s $200L steals. Along the way, I ended up on a the Fantasy Gacha sim where there must have been over 100 different creators with gatchas out in this double-sided huge circle around the sim. I almost forgot to go back and finish the Neighbourhood Crawl. But I got these boots for $50L from Yassum.

Did I mention SQUIRREL!?

I picked up the Ice Machine as part of Neighbourhood, though. REALLY well done with 10 sitting/laying animations. I remember as a kid we’d sit on the curb in front of the ice machines at Thrifty with our ice cream because every time someone opened the door to get a bag of ice, we’d get a blast of cold air.

What? I enjoy simple things.

Have a great Saturday folks!



The Neighbourhood Stores (Saturday May 24th Only, until Midnight)
Seven Emporium
{ iD }
Style Card:

Boots: Yassum – Victory Boots (Gacha Rare Psycho)
Ice Machine: Seven Emporium –  Chill
(Admit it, the rest you don’t care about, since I rarely change it and Mr. Cranky Pants doesn’t feel like filling it out right now)


3 thoughts on “Earworms and Squirrels

  1. brittainycollins says:

    and now i want ice cream… ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

    1. If you’re going to the store, I’ll take some mint chocolate chip.

  2. The local cat always wakes me within minutes of the housemate’s alarm going off.
    I don’t even know what sleeping in is, anymore.

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