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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Photo today is at the very bottom. While I wouldn’t call it NSFW since there’s nothing of import showing however there is a hell of a lot of skin.

Cast your minds back to a time when, in Second Life, you had only one option for each attachment point or clothing layer. Horrifying in retrospect, wasn’t it? When tattoos were on clothing layers and you had to decide how you were going to layer an outfit that came with every possible combination of undershirt, shirt, jacket and skirt layers.  I don’t envy clothing designers from back in the day. While not having to be conversant in mesh or sculpts may have made it easier, it certainly wasn’t without its own challenges. I’ll just leave this here: stretched shirt buttons. Enough said.

For years we sad little avatars with our single-point attachments could only wear one ring on each hand. One bracelet. One necklace. (Insert old man voice: And we liked it!) If you wore someone’s collar, then you could never wear necklaces or anything like shirt collars and shoulder decorations because they always attached to the same point: the spine. Worse was when you weren’t thinking about it and you just added an item and *poof* off when your scripted collar to notify the owner that it had come off. Insert Panic Here. I remember many an IM from friends “Oh my god, my collar just came off, he’s going to kill me!!”

As multiple attachments per point (and multiple clothing layers plus the tattoo layer) were released, and we rejoiced in raising chorus, gothboys like me who wear our finger-armor like it were a second skin, were able to pile on ring after ring after ring all over our hands. And then places like Rozoregalia (whom I pimp because I just adore my rings from there) put out the scripted, multi-finger ring sets with nails and all this awesome sauce stuff in several sizes to fit almost any hand without any editing required. Day of days, I was in gothboy heaven. Dark, black metal rings with dangly bits and studs. Le sigh. My avatar was looking more and more like me every day.

Oh sure, some poses meant you had to take them off for photos anyway, but that was ok. The one-off here and there where the scripting just couldn’t override it was fine.

And then… Mesh Hands.

If there is one thing about post-processing photos that I loathe more than the nose-corner polygons, its fixing the standard avatar hands. Your nails never had any definition, the thumbs always have this odd polygon extrusion, and the shadows make it look like skeletor claws.

You ladies have had mesh hands for much longer since you were the first to get them (like everything else, oh go eat worms!) so it has been a pleasure taking pictures of ladies with mesh hands. Oh god, one less thing I have to edit! Sometimes just some smoothing out where the skin may not have had an applier yet was about it. Over the last year, several places have put out men’s hands (and feet, which while not the focus of today’s post, still in the same boat) but no one was doing appliers for them. During my recent absence, though, Slink has finally put out some seriously bitchin’ men’s hands and feet and skin makers have done appliers for them. Its… its like we’re part of the club finally!

So as I rejoiced in my unpacking and fitting, I was also presented with some new dilemmas. For one, I could no longer wear my Rozoregalia rings. No mod means no moving them onto the mesh hand. Well fucksticks. Second, my lovely tattoos from Fallen Gods get cut off above the wrist. This is no different from cutting off a limb or shaving my head. They’re a part of me. (If you don’t have tattoos RL, as I do, that may sound melodramatic.. but then, I’ve been accused of that before!)

So what does all this rambling commentary come to at the end of the day? Compromise. With every improvement there will be a new challenge. With every upgrade,  a change in how we think and where we set our expectations. For designers and creators, it means a whole bunch of suddenly unhappy customers who stop buying your items. Or customers filling their inboxes with begging commentary “Make your stuff mod now” or “Make appliers” or.. or… or… And it has been this way since the system-layer only clothing days. Designers had to learn how to use prims to make attachments- then sculpts- now mesh. If you want to stay competitive, you have to stay up with the next new trends or die a slow death. Not only that, but its like software deprecation how long do you continue to do your items the old way while making items for the new shiny and keep your entire customer base happy?

We, as consumers, always have choices. We will go with what we like. We will fiddle and futz and make-do until we get what we want. I hear creators get blasted for not offering an item in a way that will work with what YOU want to do with it. Sometimes its justified (Oh this is beautiful but, dear god in heaven, why can’t I shut off the bling option!!) but a lot of the times it isn’t.  I’m often irritated when something isn’t mod because if it was, I could fix it the way I want it. Doesn’t mean the creator sucks. (….usually)

Patience, compromise, improvements, and creativity are the cornerstones to Second Life. Don’t forget that while we’re eager to get out there and deck out in the latest and best new items- creators sometimes have to redo their entire catalogues to keep up. Give’m a chance to do so before calling them crap.




Style Card:
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Hand: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax (With Nivaro Appliers)
Tattoo:Fallen Gods – A Skin Story
Rings: EarthStones – Double Infinity, Joseppe Willis – Ring Male Trinity, EarthStones Dark Alchemy Wedding Set (His and Hers)
Wrist: Mandala – Sitennoah (Complete Chain)
Chair (w/pose): Image Essentials – The Chair V2
Leather Jock: Vitamen – Leather Jock

9 thoughts on “The Cycle of Upgrades and Compromises

  1. No mod shouldn’t mean no adjusting of location- am I misunderstanding?

    1. Correct- but in the case of the Rozoregalia rings where it is a full hand of rings for each finger as one object, you’re unable to edit linked parts to move each ring

      1. Ohhhhh, gotcha. :/ how frustratin’.

  2. Zaaf says:

    Two words: Tattoo appliers.

    1. Vaki was just tellin’ me about them. Mine aren’t available yet but oh yes, there will be appliers in my future. 😀

      1. Zaaf says:

        I saw a bunch at a recent event. Trying to remember which one, ’cause they were kinda’ cool. If I remember the event/store, I’ll let you know.

  3. Deoridhe says:

    Fallen Gods recently (thank the gods) got into SLink appliers, and he had out a request box. I’m pretty sure you could request your favorite tattoos to be added as a SLink applier and he’d get to them sooner or later; the ones for his newest skins have been flawless and gorgeous.

    1. Ooh, thank you Deoridhe! Saves me from IMing him and whoring myself out like the cheap slut I am. I mean, uh, asking nicely. *cough*

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