Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Having not touched Photoshop in over six months, it is simultaneously amazing how much I instantly remembered how to do and how much I couldn’t  even begin to remember what to do first. Simple things like liquifying those annoying sharp edges around the nose were easy enough. Remembering which method I used to dodge and burn, however, just completely eluded me. I finally had to give in and look it up which effected me much like stopping to ask for directions would.
And as a completely irrelevant sidebar, I just realized the concept of stopping and asking for directions (and the propensity of men to willfully not do so) while driving somewhere is an anecdote which is probably on the verge of not being understood by anyone under twenty.

Hush. Its early, I haven’t had my caffeine, and I’m easily distracted.

I decided to take a break from my inventory sorting and cleaning (3k items deleted and counting!) yesterday to do a simple vanity shot for practice. I spent twenty minutes finding the right windlight setting since I’d forgotten which ones were which for the most part. Conversely, it only took about a minute getting the right camera angle and shot. In that respect, it was quite nice to be able to snap the shot I wanted quickly.

I don’t know why, but close-ups have never really been my forte’. I always feel like I look funny in close-ups. Then there’s the whole nose thing; crooked, sharp edges, like its been broken. One of these days I’ll find a skin that matches the way I’ve set my nose so it doesn’t have that stupid angle at the corner. Or find the right shape in the first place. I can’t remember who it was who originally told me about the nose-corner thing. It used to be a polygon hell at the corners of my nose that required painstaking liquify and blur and stamp tactics to blend no matter what the lighting or angle of the shot. One tilt slider for the nose fixed 99% of it while not really noticeably changing my nose’s shape. That last bit is all about finding the right skin I guess. Someday.

No one is perfect.

And this is the part of our show where we try to decide: Can we fake a style card since SL is doing maintenance and post anyway or do we wait until its back up so you can get it right.

My faithful stalkers know two things about me, if nothing else. 1) I am a creature of habit so plucking the links for everything in today’s vanity exercise from previous posts is simple and 2) I’m impatient.

Be good to each other. Try not to start too many fights in lieu of sim wandering until maintenance is complete!



Style Card
Hair:/wasabi pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow
Eyes:IKON ‘Sunrise’ – Silver Pale
Skin:Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Necklace: Illusions – Cord Wraps
Shirt/Vest Combo: Razor/// – Timberlake
Pillows/Couch/Pose:LAQ Decor – Sofa Set

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