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FATE is celebrating their One Year anniversary in Second Life! One year. That’s it. Damian Fate has accomplished more in his one year here in SL than most accomplish, oh, ever.  His designs have gone from great to Ermagherd. With two distinct labels under the same umbrella, FATEwear and FATEplay bring quality outfits and costumes to the clamoring public.

Materials ready (Though, sadly, my photos will not capture the materials aspect of his work. As my creepers will attest, I had a pretty big hunk of inventory disappear the last time I switched viewers to look at materials.. so until Firestorm gets it, sadly, I will be materials deprived.) Damian’s work puts together items that cover it all: wrinkles, bends, folds, movement, shading, fit, options, and style.

In addition to simply perfect outfits, his clothes utilize a HUD system for changing colors and styles. While a lot of places are doing so, few have made a Single HUD To Rule Them All. His HUD never changes from item to item so you know what to do when you get the new piece of clothing. No time spent trying to figure out how to make your changes. The left side of the HUD has a simple menu to pick the item you want to change (shirt, jacket, tie, shorts/pants, etc) and the right has his color squares. Along the top he offers additional options for ‘color 1’ ‘color 2’ for things like designs, seams, and separates.

FATEPlay, for August, released a tribute to Harry Potter that comes not only in the standard 5 sizes but also a size specifically for child avatars. Very thoughtful! Cloaked and non cloaked versions, tucked and untucked, tie or no tie, the outfit is put together seamlessly. In September he offered an updated Ravenclaw version with the cannon colors from the book instead of the movie. Talk about tailoring for the community!

From FATEwear, in honor of the anniversary, Damian has made a freebie gift “Leon” of the sweater and shirt. As mentioned with the HUD above, the shirt and hoodie are both color changeable and come with both a hood up and hood down version. You can pick this up at his main store.

S is for Slacker, for blogging items almost three weeks after receiving them! I have no excuse except life, love, and the pursuit of donuts. Well, ok, that and nuking and rebuliding my sim.. again.

Hair: CiC – Audrey
Ear: Mandala Steking V4
Glasses: ::Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes – Silver Pale
Eyeliner: 22769 – Visage Guyliner
Hoodie & Shirt: FATEwear Anniversary Gift – Leon
Bracelets: Mandala Luck & Reiki
Rings: Rozoregalia – Gemma Ring&Nail 1
Pants: sf design – Stud Leather Jeans
Boots: Death Row Designs – Male Combat Stripes
“S” & Pose: oOo Studio – September Arcade Gacha

F is for FATEplay, who makes Harry Potter role-players probably the happiest clams they could possibly be.
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow
Shirt, Tie, Sweater, Pants, Wand (Incl. Pose): FATEplay – Henry – SlytherinCurrently available at We ❤ Roleplay
Feet: ISPACHI – Mesh Natural Men’s Feet – DEMO
“F”: oOo Studio – September Arcade Gacha

R is for Ravenclaw, in the blue and the bronze. Included with each of the Henry sets is a wand with its own hud that includes a ‘want up’ pose and an animation for firing off an Incendio.  Orlando, who was helping me with some positioning and framing, noted that he kept seeing these little yellow fireballs shoot off past him. Damian didn’t just make a little puff of yellow fire when you shoot the wand, no no. It fires off several balls that react to physics.. so if it hits something, it bounces around before dissipating.

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes – Silver Pale
Glasses:  ::Mr.Poet:: Half Rim Eyeglasses
Eyeliner: 22769 – Visage Guyliner
Shirt, Tie, Sweater, Cloak Want (Incl. Pose): FATEplay – Henry – Ravenclaw BronzeCurrently available at We ❤ Roleplay
“R” : oOo Studio – September Arcade Gacha

I would like to take this opportunity to note, it isn’t always as easy as it looks putting together these pictures. Sometimes, we set ourselves on fire.


4 thoughts on “The Anniversary of FATE

  1. I was pretty floored to determine that it was only a year Damien had been doing clothes in SL, too. Dang. Nice work! (and nice work photographing them, Nigel!)

    1. Thank god for keyboard shortcuts, s’all I’m sayin’. Firing off the wand with the HUD and taking a snapshot at the same time was entertaining. Especially with the flame ball being physics friendly.

  2. Rwah says:

    You are nuts. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Poke on Harry!

    1. *sniff* Why that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

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