Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

My faithful stalkers will attest that my creature of habitualness is predictable and something to count on like a nice reach around on a hot summer night. While I still maintain that I have purchased the fewest skins over the years than anyone else I know, I am now on my 3rd new skin in less than a year. This after wearing the same skin for multiple years at a time.

So the cookie crumbles. First being social, now buying new skins. My god, what is the world coming to?

This latest skin from Nivaro is titled “James”. I wore one of Nivaro’s first skins, Cunov, for a long while before straying to a few other newer skins but I’d heard he had released a few new ones since Cunov so I went back to look and oooh am I pleased.  This particular one is the “light” tone. It comes in Ghost, Cream, Light, Spring, Summer, Dark, Dark Tan, and Drow. But that’s just the start, each tone has 11 combinations of body hair, facial hair and hairbase. In addition, you can purchase the various hair combos as separate tattoo layers should you wish to add/subtract or make your own combination.

I absolutely love the body hair and shading on this skin. My arms and legs don’t look like freak creatures of dark angles and the shading almost gets rid of that weird notch above the knee that the avatar does without touching it in Photoshop. Same with the arms at the elbow. The hands are nicely shaded as are the feet. The highlights are also done very nice without the weird white spots that sometimes show up in certain windlight settings on skins. There’s really nothing about this skin I can complain about. Which, in and of itself, has to be a record.

Oh, and the ass looks good too. *smack*




Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ – Silver Pale
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Lip Piercing: .:ellabella:. Blance Piercings
Ear: Mandala Steking Ears v4
Nipple Piercings: .HoD. – Torque – Silver
Necklace: Lapointe and Bastchild – Chinese Coin Braided Necklace
Neck, arm and wrist cords: Illusions – Cord Wraps
Rings: Rozoregalia – Gemma Ring&Nail 1
Shorts: **JOMO** Man’s Sexy Shorts A1
Anklets: T.E.D-RD – Chello Jewelry & Feet – Black
Pose: Gliterati – M Stylin

6 thoughts on “Another new skin? He must be mad.

  1. petrvanbeeck says:

    what no ass shot?

    1. You may request a private audience for a close-up view.

      1. petrvanbeeck says:


  2. brittainycollins says:

    the next thing you will do is stay at a holiday inn express… no seriously the skin looks great!

    1. If I do that, or any other means of roughing it, you have my permission to lock me up in therapy.

  3. brittainycollins says:

    lol i will keep that promise!!!

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