Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

This week, Strawberry has upped the ante on silly and it will teach me to read blogs while drinking anything because I nearly choked on my daily caffeine intake I was laughing so hard.

See, there’s this series of books about a character named Flat Stanley. The original one came out in the 60’s and I remember Stanley In Space came out in the 80’s sometime. Long story short, they’re about a boy named Stanley who gets flattened and thus adventures ensue. Mostly they are around his Adventures going places.. so Strawberry’s Meme is an awesome play on it.

Meme Instructions: Pick up a Flat Rodvik Linden from Strawberry’s marketplace store for free. (Or make your own using my image or your own image of Rodvik.) Wear or rez him as you travel the grid. Take him to places you think he might not have seen yet and show him a good time. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or images in the comments of this post so we can all come by and see where you took him!

I was giving Roddy a tour of my sim and as we walked past the Nude Beach sign, I was as surprised as anyone when he stripped down to his plywood. I figured, what the hell, right, you only get to go nude swimming with Roddy once in a lifetime.

Embrace the Silly.




Beach Dunes: Beach Dunes Building Set by Studio Skye
Beach Boardwalk: Beach Boardwalk by Botanical
Beach Sign: Beach Extras by Studio Skye
Location: Sandalphon

Flat Roddy: Strawberry’s Marketplace Store (Free!) — Please note, he is textured- I retextured him to look naked 🙂

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: Labyrinth- Cernunnos (pale) – Clean Shaven (NEW)
Handwraps: Sinistyle Taped Fist
Feet: T.E.D-RD – Chello Jewelry & Feet – Black

3 thoughts on “Flat Roddy Meme

  1. OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DEAD!!!! Dammit, so jealous you got to see him naked!

    1. So many wood jokes… so little time 🙂

      Glad I made you laugh 😀

  2. petracarpenter says:

    I never knew you had a nude beach on your sim, I wondered around clad in Victorian clothing with an updo! Maybe you put it up since or I didn’t venture near it…after all I ran away each time your house came into view so may well have simply missed it.

    Nice bum…you that is not Stanley :-p

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