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s4lgallery1Opening Monday, June 15th: The Stand 4 Love Gallery.

Before I head off into the wild blue yonder (again) for a work week at the home office away from home, I popped onto Facebook and saw that Editorial and Rico are featuring a Stand 4 Love gallery to commemorate and display all of the beautiful and touching work that the members of Second Life created for the Stand4Love campaign during the month of June.

Displayed between pillars are texture changing frames to highlight the hundreds upon hundreds of submissions this year for Stand4Love. On the floor are quotes from many of the images. Take a moment to digest the comments from around the world.

The campaign itself stretched across Second Life, Plurk, Facebook, and of course bloggity blog blogs. You couldn’t throw feather boa without hitting a S4L post, reminder, notice, or reminder.  45 sponsors, 21 volunteer photographers, and a whole host of global support from the Second Life Community at large.

June is a happy month for the LGBTQ community anyway being Pride month. Add in S4L rampaging across Second Life and the two court decisions in the United States, it has been a very emotional, turbulent, and wonderful summer for love.

Even with DOMA and Prop 8 behind us, the fight isn’t over. These victories were two important steps on a staircase we still have to climb and should be celebrated uproariously. We’ve got a long way to go, still. Its good to know there is a huge community of people who support love- regardless of the package it comes in.

The Stand 4 Love Gallery will open on Monday, June 15th and can be found on the Samana sim.

See y’all next week.



Useful Links:
Stand4Love Blog
Stand4Love Facebook
Stand4Love Gallery

6 thoughts on “Stand4Love Gallery Opening

  1. Just a heads-up: there’s nothing underfoot at the SLURL above. TP to: 😉

    1. (Also, gorgeous exhibit!)

    2. Because the gallery wasn’t open yet, you most likely got ported somewhere else instead of the landmark 🙂

      1. Ohhhh, that’d do it *facepalm*
        I just now tp’ed to your LM and I’m about 2m west of where I’d want to be, I suspect. Closer than the 25m I was!! 😀

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