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purpleprose3Purple Prose is opening this month; a boogie woogie kinda laid back library dedicated to LGBT authors brought to you by Domch Raymaker and Garrett Ceriano. I posted about it a bit ago, their Under the Covers show opening in conjunction with the new group and hangout. I said it once, I’ll say it again, this just makes me squee on so many levels. As an avid reader and lover of the written word, combining this with second life and exposing more folks to great authors is just awesomesauce.


Purple Prose Builder Garrett Ceriano

The build is absolutely exquisite. Purple Prose was built by Garrett Ceriano and then converted to Mesh and textured by Tiina Serrao on the  Parish sim, Hutchinson Parish. Its cozy- its quaint- its that perfect combination place to sit on an oversized stuffed lounger with a cocktail and a book.
The upper area is surrounded with library walls that are covered in scripted books from LGBT authors while the lower level has a small stage area, a full bar and subtle dancefloor. Lots of little nook and cranny areas to sit and read your favorite book or sit with a friend and have an intimate conversation. purpleprosePurple Prose also hosts The Naked Book Club where, once a month, they host a reading and discussion. July will be Paul Russell’s, “The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov” on Saturday July 27th at 9am SLT. In their own words,

“Every month, we pick a gay writer whose work has been seminal or particularly fascinating. We carefully choose one of his works to read over the course of the month, and, at month’s end, gather for the Naked Book Club to discuss our thoughts and responses to the text. Think of it as a way of making a bit of time to feed your mind and soul. Also, to commemorate each Book of the Month, we specially brew a literary drink based on one of the book’s characters. Pick up your free bottle at our bar counter!”

As the title of the group suggests, attendees are required to come naked in a bit of fun, frivolity, and openness. If you’re really embarrassed about your pixels, though, you can wear something skimpy.

Purple Prose Host Domch Raymaker

Purple Prose Host Domch Raymaker

The opening party is this Saturday, July 6th, at 9am SLT. Come on down to Hutchinson Parish for some great jazz- a beautiful build- and the smell of books. (Ok, so we don’t have Smell-O-Vision yet… but you can use your imagination!)



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