Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Well hi there campers! How have you been? It has been awhile, hasn’t it? And what is this? No photo above the cut? Well there’s male butt and lord knows someone might get offended so lets just tuck that away behind the cut scene and get to the meat of the matter. So to speak.

After being off SL all week in Corporate Training Hell(tm), I came back to an invitation to submit a photo to the Under The Covers at Isoceles Gallery put on by Purple Prose on the Parish Sims. The Parish Sims are a group of gay owned, LGBTQ and friends residential and light commercial sims. Purple Prose, launching July 2013, is in their own words,

“…is a not-for-profit library-themed bar intended to introduce diversity and freshness into the SL gay scene.  Events will include Live Music and spoken word.  Its prime objective is to get gay guys in SL to is to cultivate and develop emerging literary talent in SL and foster awareness of great gay literature  – by providing a space for the sharing of personal work, whether in the form of microfiction, short stories or poetry.”

In so so so many ways I’m seriously thrilled about this new group. I knew nothing about them until I got the invitation from Domch Raymaker so I’ve promptly joined the group and am hopeful something will come of it. As my faithful stalkers can attest, I can talk and talk and talk and babble away on the blog but rarely do I ever force myself to sit down and write creative fiction any longer. I don’t seem to find the time amongst all of the other silly things I tend to spend time doing.

So after considering a few books that feature gay characters for the photo, I decided on Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Topical what that a lot of folks are on a Game of Thrones kick anyway, I thought it would be a fun shoot to do. So what does a boy do when he needs a high quality medieval home STAT? He teleports to Rustica, naturally. The entire scene here is outfitted in full Rustica from the adornments on the fireplace to the chaise, rugs, and the house itself. Also included is a sneak peak at Max’s new, as of yet unfinished, candelabra. (The little light balls of flame are mine)

I don’t have a landmark yet for the exhibition or opening of Purple Prose, but I’ll update the post when I do.

Pardon me while I go back to clicking the candelabra on and off to hear the little “whoosh” of someone blowing out the candles.

Its the little details in life that I love so much.




House: Rustica – Maison de Maille
Chaise: Rustica – Mesh Empire Furniture Set
Wall Torches: Rustica – Mesh Wall Torch
Rugs: Rustica – Included in the Maison de Maille Set
Shield & Weapons – Rustica
Candelabra – Rustica (Soon to be released)

5 thoughts on “Under The Covers

  1. Heh heh. Renly and Loras much?

  2. Rwah says:

    i think i want to be a male in my next life and gay. Awesome picture!

    1. Ha! Come to the gay side! 😀 Thanks

      1. Come to the gay side! We have cookies, and FABULOUS hats, gloves, and shoes!

      2. *sigh* Even Amanda DeCadenet could remember the word “Accessories” Nath.

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