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Bandana Day Kit PosterLast month, I applied for early blogger access for Hair Fair 2013 and was accepted. There are no “official bloggers” of Hair Fair- just early access. Yesterday, we got our bandana kits. I blinked owlishly at this and read the note card as I didn’t know that this was going to be part of the package. And its AWESOME.

For those that aren’t aware, Hair Fair is an annual event on Second Life that requires a minimum donation from each item sold of 15% go to Wigs for Kids. Quoting from Wigs for Kids, “Each year, tens of thousands of children experience hair loss due to medical circumstances such as chemotherapy, radiation, and burns to name a few. When children lose their hair, they transform physically as well as emotionally; which affects their self-image and their self-esteem.” In 2011, SL Residents contributed a monetary donation of almost $9,000 USD by purchasing items at Hair Fair. Last year, the 2012 Fair raised almost $11,000 USD. The donated money goes to creating hair replacement for kids and providing the wigs to the children free of charge.

Bandana Day started in 2007 within Second Life. This year, on July 28th, people from all over Second Life are encouraged to remove their hair and wear bandanas in show of their support.

This year, Mel Vanbeeck has created a very simple mesh bandana for Hair Fair creators and early access members. The package includes the bandana, the texture bake maps for the inside and outside of the bandana, and the advertisement template, all full perms. Creators are allowed to submit up to 6 bandanas. The bandanas will be sold with MOD/TRANS permissions and sold EXCLUSIVELY at Hair Fair with 100% of the proceeds going to Wigs For Kids. They will only be available at Hair Fair after which they will no longer be available.

I did a flickr search and checked out some of the bandanas from previous years and there are some wildly creative and beautiful bandanas! I made mine last night, though waiting on some feedback from a couple people to see if its as neat as I think it is. It looks good on me- but I want to see how it looks on someone else before I do the photos and submit them. Fingers crossed!

If you’re interested in making bandanas for Hair Fair, contact Sassy Scarborough for a kit of your own!



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