Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

You’ve all seen them- the Theme Photo Series. The most well known I think is “The Red Chair” where the model is nude sitting on, or standing with, a red chair. There have been lots of others too, The White Wall and “Tell Me A Secret” are two that immediately come to mind. I’ve always wanted to do one but never really had any ideas come to mind.

Until now.

It started as a joke about SL Behaving badly. In response to the statement, I said something along the lines of, “What, did you teleport in nude with nothing but a salad on your head?

And thus was an idea born.

So now my call to the men on my friendslist goes out. Can I interest you in posing nude with a Salad? You don’t have to show the full monty if you don’t want to of course. I didn’t. This is not making fun of folks who do serious and very good Photo Series sets. Its just me having a bit of fun.

So I invite you, Oh Men of Second Life, to strip your clothes, pick a salad, and let me take pictures! “Pick a salad?” you ask. Why yes!

The bowl of salad in my photo above will be the one in all of the photos, that won’t change, but I would like to title each photo after a different salad and give a little uniqueness to the photos. For example, should someone choose “Ceasar Salad” then I’d like them to come with, say, a Roman Helmet or holding a Roman Spear and I can pose you appropriately.

A few are already taken, but here’s a list to choose from if you’re having trouble picking a salad type.

Taken: Aspic, Fruit Salad, German Potato Salad, Poke Salad, Jello, Beet, Caprese, Russian

If the men’s series takes off, I may do a ladies series as well. This is fun already! IM me in world if you’d like to participate, gentlemen.



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