Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So my intention last night was to start sorting my inventory and do the Great 2013 purge. I figure if LL is going to blow out my inventory of what is looking like closer to 10k items (I found a snapshot I’d done a week or two ago with HUDs on for the Animare post and my inventory was open on the right with the painful number of items now woefully smaller), then I might as well blow off the rest and make my inventory something more manageable, see what I have left that wasn’t sorted into the folders that got dusted, and then start the process of rebuilding ye olde inventory.  I have most of the things I have created and uploaded- though anything pre2010 (mostly sculpt maps and textures) will have to be recreated since that external drive bit it on my transatlantic move. I’m doubtful any of the creators of things I purchased, would be willing to resend items- and I totally don’t fault them one bit. I have no proof since transaction history doesn’t go back that far. At the urging of my friend Lisa, going to ask Morphe Inc if they have records going back that far. She thinks Abel keeps everything.

The further away I get from the Great Linden Blow Out, the more calm I am about it. Its just Stuff, after all.

So, yea, I was going to start organizing my inventory tonight and take stock when Ms. Fossett IMed and offered a distraction too good to pass up. “Wanna take pictures of me?” Oh HELL yea.

I used to only do photos of random stuff, landscape, arty crap. Some of it was ok- a few gems- mostly just average, really. I even did an entire short story thing to (now looking at them, terrible..)photos a couple years ago. (If you do go look, you’ll have to click on the first photo in order to read the text and cycle through the set).

I’ve started a few others since then but never liked the direction they were headed and stopped. I started doing photos of clothes and never really went back to other stuff. I need to. Badly.  Tonight proved that absolutely. I had a great time doing these shots. I’ve also been spending more time looking at the work of some truly wonderful photographers and artists within SL- Whiskey Monday, Benjamin Glendale, Venk, Eliza, Sabbian, Petr, CarthalisVallys, Meilo, Senna, maloe and others. While I don’t have anywhere near the talent, I still enjoy it and their work gives me something to strive toward. Not to mention the things I learn from looking at theirs. The key is to make it my own and not a cheap knockoff.

I’ve seen a lot of photos on Flickr lately that step way over the line of inspiration and directly into imitation.  I’ve put some photos side by side by different creators and thought, “Couldn’t come up with your own idea, huh?” That said, two (or more) people having the same idea isn’t unrealistic but some of these were just blatent rip-offs. I’m sure if I looked hard enough, I’d find photos I did that were damn near the same as someone elses that I’d never seen before so its all relative, I guess.

Anyway. I do have an idea for a photo series. So I’ll be looking to the men on my friends lists to draft them into the cause. And I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it.



**Update: Upon waking up this morning, I logged in to Abel Dreamscape, creator of Morphe Inc., sending me everything I had ever purchased from him. 21 packages in total. I am beside myself with relief. I’m still partially in shock I think. I wasn’t expecting that at all. What a great person!


Lisa Fossett
Skin:  [][]Trap[][] Koi RB F Tone 1  (Selos Dae)
with:  modesty undershirt, underwear tattoos and her own butt cover tattoo
Lips:  [:Tuli:] Elusive lips Fuchsia over *YS & YS* Claire lips Blue (Tuli Asturias/Monnicuza Babenco)
Eyes: Adoness Swirls in my eyes  Left, Violet; Right Emerald  (Cruella Pennell)
Feet:  *YS & YS* Rigged mesh barefeet (Monyka Benelli)
Horns:  .{Rue}.  Hetaera Primal (ridged) and Duchess Pheasant (ridged)  (Ruina Kessel)
Pose: Del May – Inner Fight

Location: Sandalphon

3 thoughts on “Get Thee Behind Me

  1. Lisa Fossett says:

    Amazing renditions, Mr. Riel. I was there, you know 🙂 You sell yourself quite short. I IMed you ’cause *I* was stuck with half an idea and you sprung from that with amazing work. I am very thankful, in awe, and had a tremendously good time, all rolled into one! Thanks so much for a great evening’s distraction and a wealth of inspiration.

    BTW, I have a hunky male alt….

  2. Allo. Is lindens doing something with our inventories? I have over 50k. Thanks! Oh and your work is fab. I remember those you did with Baron. You are just as talented as any 🙂

  3. It’s really startling how many creators are absolutely awesome like that, Nigel. I’ve been surprised with my own Not-so-Great-Linden-Blowout of a couple K items and the aftermath.

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