Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

As we all know, I live under a rock sometimes. Its a comfortable rock though with a nice, dark cave like atmosphere. I even have music piped in. I’d heard about Arcade several months ago but until this month, I’d never actually been able to get there. Every time I had tried, the sim and those bordering it were always full so after awhile I just gave up and thought, “Oh I’ll try later…” and forget completely about it. This month, however, when I saw some of the items that were going to be available from the machines, I made a point of repeated attempts. Finally around 2am Sunday morning, I was able to get onto the neighboring sim and shop.

First- if you’re going to go, try to get onto one of the neighboring sims, not the main sim. There are several surrounding sims, including some 2 sims away, that can be ported to and you can fly to the edge of the main sim and shop from there. It requires your draw distance to be up significantly of course, but you can turn off all your shadows and lighting and extra features, including de-rendering avatars if necessary, in order to see the vendors.

So what the hell is The Arcade and why was I so determined?

The Arcade is a quarterly Gatcha event hosted three-thousand meters in the air on a lovely pier. In a very well planned out and decorated building, Gatcha machines of different mesh styles and colors are set up with a display board showing what is contained in each Machine. The machines themselves are actually half the fun as they’re made up of old-style, pull handle machines and skee-ball games. Each machine has anywhere from 10 to 25 or so different items from the particular creator. And not all items are created equally! There are rare items within each gatcha. And THAT is where the collectors and gamblers of Second Life find themselves feeding the machines and praying for the jackpot.

Skins, toys, furniture, boots, jewelry, racecars, teacup pigs, accessories of all stripes, make-up sets, and more. Each month at Arcade, different designers and creations are offered up in their machines for anywhere from $25L to $100L a pull.

What separates the Arcade from any other periodic event in Second Life is not just the cheap price of the items but the quality of the items. You won’t find “kit-krap” anywhere at the arcade and each Gatcha machine has a board, as I mentioned, with pictures of the items inside. Some even have extra, non-listed items on top of the already rare items for collectors.

So now that you’ve thrown a few hundred (or more) Lindens at a particular machine to get as many of the items as possible, you’ve probably gotten a few duplicates as is the nature of the Gatcha. You’re probably also missing one or two of them. So you have a choice- you can either keep throwing Lindens into the machine and try your luck.. or you can go to a Yardsale.

Yardsale, you say? Why yes. And this is the part of our show where Nigel directly addresses his living-under-a-rock-ness. I’d never heard of the concept of a Gatcha yardsale until I logged into my shiny new Plurk account and saw some threads go by discussing them.

Two of the biggest, Pixel Fusion  and Garbanzo, are laid out in opposing styles. Both require you to join a group in order to rez your items on the land. Pixel Fusion has a little booth for each creator. You simply go to the booth for the creator of the items you have that you want to sell and rez it out and set it for sale. Garbanzo has little platforms that each individual seller can put their items out onto for all creators. You can find everything from common duplicates at the same price as the original Gatcha Vendor to ultra-rare Royalty Teacup Pigs for $3000L. The prices really are all over the place. There of course are those that are gouging the collectors but others who just want to share their duplicates.

A very extensive list of available Yardsale Locations can be found on this Plurk Thread.  You can try hopping directly to The Arcade or if you see it is full, try one of its neighboring sims. Remember- Arcade is 3000 meters in the air.

And if you liked my shot, make sure you check out Whiskey Monday’s  – its hysterical.

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Guren – Black
Skin: Fruk – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyeliner: MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Stunning – black
Shirt: K!NG – Half Shirts Cord
Necklace: Gabriel – Achilleus Long
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild – S’Wear Buckled Biker Leather Pants
Shoes: Fashionably Dead – Bossy Boots – Wingtip Navy + White Spikes (rare) – Arcade Gatcha
Pose: Del May – Rush Hour

Piggies: !Ohmai Teacup Piggies – Arcade Gatcha
Wooden Retreat Set: Scarlet Creative – Arcade Gatcha
Crate of Apples: Eclyps 3D
Firepit/Roasting Rack: Me

2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Piggies

  1. Bumblebee says:

    everytime I think of this Gacha fair, I start singing the theme song to Pokemon “Gotta Catch ’em all!” and your capture is the perfect visual lol.. although it looks like they are trying to catch you Oo

  2. And the piggy, barely flitting, still is sitting still is sitting,
    In the pallid porcelain teacup sitting by my chamber door…
    (I’m sorry Mr. Poe)

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