Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Yesterday was a … busy day.

So many summer events kicked off that it felt like one of my trips to the Louvre. You won’t see everything, so plan ahead to decide what you want to see and go straight to them. Don’t forget to bring water and a map. Restrooms are clearly marked. See you next month.

If that wasn’t enough, late Friday night I saw a post go by on my Facebook page. “I just registered a Plurk account, join me and plurk together!” from Carter Giacobini. Now, I’ve known about Plurk for a long time but I never quite understood the point of it, really. Its like twitter- quick, short messages. I have Facebook, isn’t that enough? Plus, when I’d go look at someone’s Plurk page, it was like a mess of little boxes and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, to be honest. But like a wayward bug in front of a Semi, I took the plunge and signed up. I did a few searches, found some people I knew, sent friend requests, filled out my profile…. and went to bed.

Saturday Morning was a cornucopia of hellos, welcomes, hey you’re here’s, and OHMYGODTHISTHINGNEVERSTOPSUPDATING! What little bit of OCD I can occasionally have went spiked into overdrive. Unread messages are something that drive me crazy; on my phone, my inbox, anything. If I see a little icon with a number on it, I have to check it and at least clear the number. Oh dear god on a pogo stick, I thought my little head was going to explode.

Yes, Nigel. Lets pick the First day of June when Arcade, Numerology, and god knows how many other Summer Events on Second Life are starting as your first day to join Plurk. Yes, THAT was brilliant.

28 friends, 1 fan and 13.45 Karma later, I’m sitting back with a diet coke and poking around to find other folks that I know on there and writing. I’ve laughed so much today at the various things people have posted. Now I’m just wishing I’d joined it sooner. Of course, the timesuck of spending almost 15 minutes looking through animated-gif icons and laughing myself silly is 15 minutes I’ll never get back, but what the hell, it was fun.

Plus, it reminded me about Numerology starting today. So I went shopping.

As I write the post, I’m looking at myself in world wearing, naturally, almost everything I picked up at Numerology and thinking to myself, “Nigel, honey, accessories are meant to accessorize. They’ve taken over and are demanding renters rights.”

Like I’ve ever let that stop me before.

I’ll admit, the combination of Horns and Ear adornments are a bit much. Its a little noisy. But so am I. And damnit, I’m in a really good mood. So work with me, here. I’ve seen the other ear accessories in a few places now, but this particular set of ear frills from Remarkable Oblivion really lept out at me as fitting my style. Rusted metal, spikes, hanging piercings… what’s not to bloody well love? Its like a punk combination of my enjoyment of elf-ears. Only not. And I get to keep my piercings. I’m a seriously happy old punk right now. The horns were just… well. Cute. As much as I hate to say it. Something about them I just really liked. Even the little butterfly.

God help me. I think I’ve just had a bit of a nutty today.

I’ve been looking for new ‘guyliner’ for awhile now. I love the big dark mess that I’ve been wearing from Beauty Killer for the last six months or more, but now that I have a great skin with eyebrows that really look nice, I wanted to find something a little smaller that didn’t blast up over the top. Probably going to be swapping between a few for awhile until I find one that really jumps out at me again. I’ve gotten so used to the way the big dark shadow looks, my eyes look funny without it. Baby steps out of my creature of habitness. Slowly, slowly.

Wesley spun 80’s music today in his regular Saturday set at Tribute so I busted out the skinny jeans and suspenders with the GOS Triumph Boots and still had them on when I hit up Numerology and found the rest of the ensemble. It all just sort of fell into place. The shirt is from !R3volt! and comes in 5 sizes. The shirt and cuffs are independantly color changeable with a HUD. Not shown, but included as well, is a wrap-around-the-neck skinny tie that is also color changeable in the hud. The lip rings are from .:ellabella:. and I really like them. The set they come in are with a bunch of beauty mark and eyebrow studs which I didn’t care for (They were well done, just not my thing) so I modded those off. Yay for copy/mod jewelry! Couple it all out with some Mandala and I probably have a couple pounds of chain, metal and dangly bits hanging off me.

Oh it was a good day.

God help me. The Arcade is next.




Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations – Audrey (Darks & Whites)
Skin: Fruk – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky mesh Eyes (Deep Majorelle)
Eyeshadow/Liner: MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Stunning – black **
Ear Frills: Remarkable Oblivion – Elysium – Legion  **
Ears: UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4(wear me to unpack)
Lip Piercings: .:ellabella:. Blance Piercings **
Bracelets: [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_BLACK & [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet set/Black

Rings: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1
Shirt: !R3VOLT! – Tyson Shirt (Sans Tie)**
Necklaces & Tie – [MANDALA]SMEXY TIE NECKLACE(cross) /Urushi BLACK
Pants & Suspenders: Sugar Flare – Mesh Jeans & Suspenders
Boots: [Gos] Triumph – Worn
Pose: Something I made with Animare

** Available at Numerology

2 thoughts on “The Noisy Nutjob

  1. So where does one find you on plurk?

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