Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

A little red, a little, black, a little grey, and that makes Nigel a happy queen. Ever the victim of comfort and slave to habit, when I find new things to add to my ever expanding pit of an inventory, they’re almost always in the same set of colors. Some would call it stuck in a rut- I prefer to think of it as having an advanced appreciation for what I like.

Regardless, it all started with the stockings.

I’ve always loved garters, on men and women alike. Especially a nice *TIGHT* garter that depresses the skin slightly when the leg is bent in certain ways that makes it nigh impossible to resist sliding a finger underneath the strap and lifting it for a nice, loud smack against the flesh. I’ve seen this particular PSD file floating all over the marketplace for women’s stockings and just hadn’t found one yet that I felt I could put with anything and get away with it.  Sure, you may think I still haven’t, but I love this pair from :::Insanya:::.

Its part of a mini-skirt set, actually, but the clothing layer for the “skirt” – and I use this term extremely loosely because really, its just a wide garter belt- works out quite nice and hides easily under a pair of shorts or pants. I tried on several and it looks like just a waistband for some boxers on the lowrise trousers and disappears entirely under most pants. The stockings are thick and definitely not sheer. So to me they grok more like just big socks that happen to have a garter attached. What really stands out is the shading over the design. Yay, wrinkles. Additionally, the socks also come in a non-garter-stretched version so you can just wear the socks alone- though if that’s all you want, I think you can buy a socks pack from Insanya without the whole skirt thing.

The boots are an older purchase from .::Energie::. that I love. Highly versatile, the hud allows you to change the color of the boot, strap and socks individually. Similarly, the shorts from JOMO I’ve had for a very long time. Open, but not flashing flesh, I like these for a lot of various men’s events I attend.

The shirt is a new aquisition from a great little MESH vendor, Kal Rau. He does outstanding shirts, multi-layer tops (as in a t-shirt, with a button down over it or the shirt+hoodie+suit jacket combos), and I believe shorts as well. Not a huge selection yet, but keep watching. They’re very good quality and not made for the slender waif.

As the long weekend here in the States is already a memory and I find myself in the middle of the dreaded work week, I’m wishing I had this comfy type of outfit RL to flop on the couch in, put my feet up, and drink beer while watching movies for the rest of the day instead of putting my nose to the work grindstone.

C’est la vie!


Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Warm Silver Pale
Bracelets: MANDALA – Okaki / MANDALA – Sinra2
Rings: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1
Shirt: Kal Rau – Casual Tee_red
Shorts: **JOMO** Man’s Sexy Shorts A1
Socks: :::insanya::: Gia Mini
Boots: .::Energie::. Cargo Boots
Pose: Just my AO
Location: Sandalphon

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