Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I picked up this jacket a few months ago and it was another of the items that just got lost in my inventory between the time I bought it and finally found it. As I’ve mentioned before, my RL Day Job sometimes sends me off on business trips on short notice so I can be ready to do some SL work and the next thing I know, I’m in another country. In the mean time, my massive and currently unsorted inventory expands. I have a most excellent and easy to find things inventory sorting system- problem is, I haven’t sorted new items into that system in, uhm, awhile. *cough* One of these days I’ll learn. Then again, I still don’t put my toys away when I’m done playing with them, either. It will be so much easier to find it if I leave it *OUT*, don’t you see!

So this poor little jacket sat in my inventory, waiting patiently to be re-found. Happily, that happened tonight. After digging through my hair folder searching for one for about twenty minutes that would work with the coat and show off the high collar, I slapped this one on and instantly felt transported to a jam session with Bowie, Eno or Ferry. The coat took on a whole new life of its own suddenly with that simple hair transformation. Being a music nut, this appeals to me greatly.

The coat itself is quite unique. The belts wrap around back with a tuck and fold while the bend out on the sides gives the illusion of movement quite nicely along with showing off the interior fabric. The shading is a bit simple but the seams are straight and the buttons are great. The only thing that is a little off about the jacket is that it is paper thin toward the bottom. It almost doesn’t feel like it has any weight to it at all. Minor detail, really.

And yes, the elf ears are still present. They work with the jacket though, for me. Gives a little oomph to that 70’s elfin-glam chic. Quick, pass me the syringe and put on the Roxy Music.



style Card:

Hair: Dura-Boy 34 (Black)
Ears: Illusions – Sprite Ears (Mesh)
Ear Cords: Illusions – Wrapped Cords for Elf Ears
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyeshadow: Beauty Killer – Gothic Eyeshadows – Dark
Facial Piercings: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Of Obsidian Pearls (Lip and Nose), Mekare Brow/Nostril/Lip/Earlobe
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Deep Purple
Jacket: ::K:: (K-Style) – Swing Coat – Noir

Belt: n-creation – punk not dead belt x2
Pants: Mr.Poet – Leather woven pants black
Finger Tapes: Sinistyle Taped Fist
Rings: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1
Pose: Del May – Watching You Male

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