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The longest running club in Second Life will be opening the doors on its latest Elements incarnation on Friday, May 24th at 10am SLT.  A handful of bloggers, including yours truly, were given exclusive early access to photograph the club.

A full sim in and of itself, GOL has released 8 versions of the club over their 7 year history in Second Life.

Take a moment to think on your experiences clubbing in Second Life. How often do you go somewhere that really inspires you to dress your best? To brush off the latest fashion and be seen? Also consider this- how many times have you gotten to a club and the first thing you do is turn off all of your local lighting because the decor is brash and blinding? This action is usually quickly followed by the muting of gesture spam and sliding down the volume on everything but the music because the clubbers are out of control. Its all great until the DJ opens their mouth and ruins it with his or her lack of professional experience.

GOL stands out. Founder and creator, Dakota Neumann, takes great pride in providing an aesthetically pleasing hotspot that combines a keen eye for fashion, architecture, and class. The same can be said for the club’s employees, VIPs, Members, and attendees of events at this 24/7 hotspot. The longest running Dance and House music club, some of the hottest DJs are employed here to bring you excellent, uninterrupted, 24/7 streams of everytyhing from Dub Step to Progressive and Techno. You won’t hear the same old tired mixes every other “dance” club is playing. Their DJs are a cut above.

GOL is also one of the few places where a real community has sprung up out of those that regularly attend. The people are friendly, the build is architecturally unique, and the space is more than generous to accomodate even the shyest of wallflowers. There’s no stripper pole with scantily clad slider-bombs hawking their animated wares for tips. (There are dance podiums and both the dancers and DJ have tip jars, naturally) There’s no flashing, neon signs demanding your attention. And their subtle security folks are polite yet firm with those who would violate their simple rules of respect and civility.

GOL is an adult oasis for music and aesthetics afficianados that allows you to enjoy music and friends without wading through particle emitters, combat, sex-rp (of all stripes), or spam. Rude/offensive behavior is not tolerated.

Some Details:
The GOL Club Slurl

The GOL Website

Dakota Neumann on Flickr

Remember, GOL the 9th will open on Friday, May 24th, at 10am SLT.

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