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I got my elf on recently as my faithful stalkers will attest and I keep going to that Ear folder and looking at my ears with a hovering mouse. I’d almost gotten it out of my system before I was searching the marketplace today and ran across the newer, non-rigged mesh ears from Illusions and the separately purchased cords that wrap around them. I’ve always loved Illusions and these had to come home with me. As with all of the ears from Illusions, they’re copyable so you can make a backup set to tuck away before you start manipulating and color matching.  Being mesh, the ears are a single piece instead of separate which is noteworthy simply for the editing. The cord wraps are, however, left / right separate.

The ears come with an outstanding HUD. You have two different options for skin tones- the base tone *and* shading for under the curves and in the hollow of the ear. You can really make these unique to your skin and not only get a great match but some very nice shading available in the rainbow of colors. Similarly, the cord wraps are individually color-able via click-touch to the cords.

The HUD also includes a simple + / – for sizing the ears and an included notecard helps describe how best to fit them for optimal blending against the sides of your face. As if all of this wasn’t enough, an ear-alpha is included as well. While I highly recommend using the HUD to do all of your color and resizing, the non-rigged mesh is still modifiable- so you can go old school and do it all by hand- including rgb color matching or retexturing entirely.

And why was Nigel surfing the marketplace and how did he end up finding ears? Well. My new friend Jaysen had recommended an RP sim as a great place to go take pictures. My pet and I saddled up and wandered into the landing area where there are some simple shops that offer RP Style appropriate clothing and it turned out to be a Medieval type sim with a non-human bend. And finally, faithful stalkers, this is where the fashion part of the post kicks in.

The shirt I’m wearing comes from De La Soul which has a shop there in their landing point/info area. The collar and buckles are a single mesh attachment which I really really like! The buckles are uneven, the leather folds and hangs like soft leather would, and it sits against the chest properly. The shirt comes in a dozen or more shades of a very rich texture. I’d heard of De La Soul before but I can’t honestly remember ever shopping there- must needs to hit up the main store for sure.

The sim itself, Imagine Isla  is the home of Isle of Amras RP and is quite lovely. Almost 100% mesh, the sim owner did a great job of combining the incredible work of Morphe Inc’s gor/medieval village with terrain and terraforming. It really felt like we were wandering through a very natural terrain. If you go, make sure you grab the Observer package which is a pretty neat little backpack with ‘Observer’ floating hovertext.

“But Nigel!” you exclaim, “If it was so damned pretty, why didn’t you take a picture there for the blog post!?!” you inquire, and rightly so.

The answer is pretty simple, honestly, and quite vain, I assure you. I’m still in love with my own damned sim and its open now. That’s why. 😛


Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Deep Purple
Eyeshadow: Beauty Killer – Gothic Eyeshadows – Dark
Facial Piercings:~*Souzou Eien*~ Of Obsidian Pearls (Lip and Nose), Mekare Brow/Nostril/Lip/Earlobe
Ears: Illusions – Sprite Ears (Mesh)
Ear Cords: Illusions – Wrapped Cords for Elf Ears
Shirt: De La Soul – The Seeker – Weave – Scarlet
Ring/Nails: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1
Finger Tapes: SiniSTyle Taped Fist
Scars: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1
Pose: Dyer Maker – PoseM4
Location: Sandalphon

2 thoughts on “The De-Illusional Soul

  1. Petra Carpenter says:

    Though I am very tempted to play with your ears, the last time I did that with an elfs ears I got into trouble so I will refrain. I also used to do that as a child though on other humans obviously. Very nice look though and given you spent so long building your sim you may as well photo it to within a inch of it’s life before you start on others 🙂

  2. Lisa Fossett says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Illusions’ ears as well; stopped in yesterday evening for my third pair. The highlight/shadow settings really help with matching. Be careful if you’re tinting directly through the old school edit window, as you could be tinting either the highlight or shadow layer and not the base. I borked a copy doing just that; decided to start over fresh when I realized the error. Still, having discovered that leaves other options for creative ear tinting.

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