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Strawberry’s weekly meme this week is actually a challenge, rather than a standard meme.

From Strawberry’s Blog:
Meme instructions: Blog a tutorial and teach me something that you think I might not know about (even if I do, doesn’t matter, do it anyways). The tutorial can be something within Second Life (how to build, create tattoos or clothes, pick up guys at info hubs, tie your virtual shoelaces, whatever…) or something in Photoshop or on any social network (just focus on something sl-related somehow). Make it informative, make it hilarious, make it whatever you like! I’d just love to learn something from you that you may be good at and are willing to share. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and learn too!

For someone who used to be in SL Mentors and SL Instructors, I was having a hell of a time thinking of something that either a) Hasn’t already been done to death or b) is actually useful and someone might not know about it. Its not that I have to be Original or Die(tm), but what kinds of little things have I picked up over the years that some folks may not be aware of and find useful? After hitting up some friends and spending 20 minutes laughing hysterically at some of the ideas Aryanna came up with, I did settle on a Tutorial topic. Some of her ideas, though,  were too good not to share:  How To Talk a Friend Out of Buying Stupid Shit She Is Going To Hate But Buys It Anyway, How To Pretend You Actually Care About Someone Else’s Bullshit, Maintaining Sanity When Your Partner Gets Involved in Breedables, and probably my favorite of the silly ones I didn’t pick, How To Recover From Foot In Mouth Syndrome.

So On With the Tutorial!
Have you ever been working on a build, be it a building, an art piece, clothing accessories, anything really- that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort in editting, creating, resizing, manipulating.. You’ve spent Hoooooooooours in the edit window fiddling with dials and sliders to achieve perfection. Dear god the time you spent just adjusting that texture and its repeats and offsets so it looks good. You’re done! You’re so happy! You’re also smart! You’ve accidentally messed it up before (…or is that just me?) so you’re going to pick it up and make sure you have a copy in your inventory so nothing happens to it and its safe and sound! So you pick it up and one of four things happens:

1) It worked! (…lucky!)
2) OH DEAR GOD- I missed 4 pieces from the middle of the build. CRAP!
3) OH DEAR GOD AGAIN- I picked up part of <insert object that was in the background> as part of it. CRAP!
4) What do you mean “Unable to Link because not all of the objects have the same owner!”

I’m going to walk you through a few little tricks to help fight against situations 2-4. I use Firestorm, so your Menu Mileage May Vary(tm).

There are three things I always do before I start a project which will eliminate #4 on my list above entirely and help with #2 and #3.

1) Select Only My Objects
In Firestorm, you can find this under Build > Options > Select Only My Objects

This will make sure that you’re not picking up anyone elses stray prims while using the bounding boxes or by mis-clicking. This is also a great tickbox to have checked when you’re working on something for someone else on their sim. I’ve done several commercial builds where I’ve gone in and worked on their sim. At the end, I want a copy picked up as a backup- and you can easily select only your prims.

2) Limit Select Distance
In firestorm, you can find this in the Advanced Menu (Control+Alt+Shift+D) > Limit Select Distance
tut2This will make it so when you’re using the click-drag method of surrounding the prims you want to select, you don’t select anything that is halfway across the sim, for example. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drug the mouse around an object to pick it up and I notice the Tree out there disappeared too. Whoopse.  Obviously if you are doing a HUUUGE build where you’re picking up half a sim or something- this setting shouldn’t be used. But for most things, its saved my bacon more than once.

3) Create and Lock Your Platform
Create a simple platform to work on. I set mine to a blank texture so I can easily see everything I’m working on. Then, in your edit menu, go to the Object tab and tick the top left box “Locked”


By locking your platform, you can not a) Pick it up, b) move it, c) accidentally link it to your project, or d) delete it. You now have a safe space in which to build on that isn’t going to interfere with the build itself when it comes time to link and pick up.

So you’ve got your safe space, you’ve burned the candle at both ends to get the piece done, and you’re ready to pick it up. You’ve got all the pieces selected, you’ve moved it to make sure you didn’t miss anything. You’ve deselected all the pieces you accidentally picked up somehow. (I’m not the only one that does that… right?) You’re ready to go.

I will pause here to note that, yes, you can right click and “Take a Copy” then rez the copy to make sure you got everything. But to me, that’s an extra step that is amazingly annoying. Depending on the intricacy of what you’re building, you may also not notice you missed anything or picked up an extra thing. By picking it up entirely, you can easily see a prim that is still sitting there or worse, the building next to you that disappeared.

So! You pick it up and BLAMMO- you missed some pieces… or you picked up extra pieces… or the very worst, you fatfingered the click (or the cat swung his tail at your hand right when hovering over it…) and DAMMIT! I just deleted it! OH EM GEE! “How am I going to get it back where it was!! I HAVE TO START OVER!! I will go eat worms now.”

Not so!

With the edit window open, find the item in your inventory. Right click on it and select “Restore to Last Position”. This will drop the item right back where it was AND have it all selected.

If you accidentally deleted it, it is a two step process. You must open your trash and select “Restore Item” first. Then get it out of your objects folder and repeat the step above.

Hopefully this didn’t read like stereo instructions and someone finds it useful.



13 thoughts on “Berry Challenge: 5-20-2013

  1. Locking an object was a lesson I only recently learned- very important when you’re living in a skybox!

  2. Bumblebee says:

    I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a platform only to have people as well as myself fall to their doom.. very bad business for a club in the sky :/

    thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh god yes, I;ve done that so many times. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Diana says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks a lot for sharing

  4. Having ended up plummeting thousands of meters down numerous times… I am totally locking my platform now.

    1. Clearly, we builders need to come with “Builder Arm Floaties” 😀 Glad it was useful!

  5. spunknbrains says:

    Very useful! I didn’t know about restoring to last position so this was great. I’ve done the same thing of picking up a platform and falling to my doom many times — why half the time if I am going to build anything on my sky platform I am in a fly mode.

    1. When I found out about Restored Last I could have cried. Glad to have shared the joy!

  6. peepsideshow says:

    I don’t build ANYTHING, but I often soft link stuff to move or take into my inventory (like a table with a lot if pretty little knicknacks on it). And yes, I have managed to move my UNLOCKED house this way by accidentally selecting it o.O Thanks for these tips – I am pretty vigilant about locking down my house and platform now, but occasionally my recessive blonde gene become dominant and I forget 😦

    1. Recessive Blonde Gene! I must remember that. I knew I kept a blonde wig in my inventory for a reason!

  7. OMG I have deleted my platform so many times because I didn’t know this, lol! Thank you so much, I have learned so much. <333

    1. Wonderful! So glad folks are getting something out of it! *waves to you as i plummet past you, forgetting to lock my own platform… again…*

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