Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So now that I’ve finally finished building my sim (for now, god knows I’ll probably rip up something and replace it within the month since I never seem to be satisfied), I thought I’d do up some shots to show off the space a little more than just hints. I’m VERY pleased with how this one turned out, if I do say so myself.

I went out this morning and hit up a few of the places I really like, seeing who had anything new – or at least new to me since the last time I’d been there. Sadly, …Scars… seems to have gone missing. The landmark for their shop now lands you on a for sale sign for the land. I looked in search but didn’t find anything. Will have to do some more digging. So I hopped over to Hedo and was aghast to find the same thing.. but luckily, they were easily found in search and had moved to a new location.

The outfit here comes in silver and gold both. I think what I like about it is the seemingly unmoving silver- so high and brash and polished and sturdy- against the black feathers on the shoulders. The contrast was really appealing. Its also the first pair of bolted-pants (As I call them, you know, with lines of rivets or pads or slats or whatevers down the thigh) that actually look right. So many times I’ve gotten these types of pants and had to spend hours adjusting them to actually sit on my thighs or look even close to sitting where they should.. these just worked right out of the box. The shading on the knees of the pants really caught my eye as well.

As for the location, this is on top of the centerpiece build of my sim, overlooking the east part of the island.



Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Dragon – Night Shadow
Skin: Fallen Gods – DRACO – Carbon/Inferno Scaled
Eyes: Fallen Gods – Elemental – Cat Eyes Red
Boots: [GOS] – Triumph – Worn Black (Tight)
Jacket, Neck, Bracers, Belt, Pants: Hedo – Run The World – Silver
Pose: Niquotine – Battle Stance 47 (No longer in world)
Location: Sandalphon

2 thoughts on “Hedonistic

  1. Rwah says:

    You make me feel like a baby. Now most women like feeling younger, I don’t. lol You are a great builder/designer/photographer/writer/poet. Now show me your ‘not so nice sides’!

    1. Oh I assure you, I can be a right bastard and completely irritating ass if I put my mind to it. *eyelashbat* Thank you for the kind words.

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