Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I managed to be quiet for a few days but, alas, yours truly is back with another heartwarming round of ‘What the hell are you wearing?” I got a wild hair of an idea for a build to put up in the final blank section of my sim and have been wildly crazy about it in the last week. Its about halfway done I think. I may actually *gasp* be almost done with the sim. But I digress.

I almost feel like I should have a pipe and a newspaper or at the very least, some young nubile beauty kissing the ring. Ar at the very least, polishing my shoes.

And speaking of shoes, lets start there, shall we?

Oh Mah Gawd, the shoes. First off, I own these shoes RL. They’re not red and silver, they’re black and white, and they’re my Dress Docs. Yes, Nigel wears Docs with a suit for work. Its true. When I have to do Coporate Drag, I have to keep at least a little bit of my inner rebel even if it is only in a pair of fabulous shoes. These come from one of my favorite labels, Mr. Poet. The detailing, texturing and mesh on these shoes is oh holy hell obscenely beautiful- and the fun doesn’t stop there. With this simple pair of inexpensive shoes comes a texture hud. The front, back, top, inner-top, laces, gromets, and the sole are all color changeable individually. Each one comes with 16 different colors to choose from. SIXTEEN! And its not just “the standard” colors- these are off the wall shades of colors. Mauve and chartreuse. Ocean and rose. Enough to make this queen’s interior decorator gene all aquiver. (It should be noted, however, that I couldn’t decorate my way out of a wet paper sack with a compass, map and head-lamp. I queued twice on Gay Day for “Showtunes” and missed both “Interior Design” and “Track Lighting”. My pet and boy decorated what you see in the photo.)

Moving up my insanely long legs, are a new pair of white leathers from Guarded Cross. I love the wrinkles and shading on these but admittedly, they make my legs look way too freakin’ long. They’re designed to be nice and tight but I think they’re just a wee bit too small. Its clear without the alpha layer how much of me is actually missing… so to speak. I do love the ankles though especially. I would have called these silver, personally, rather than white. But white is such a tricky, hard color to pull off right.

The jacket is a new acquisition from a label I’d not heard of previously, M.o.w.. What intrigued me about the jacket was the unique design of it. It isn’t cut like every other jacket you see out there. Maybe its the weather outside, but I’ve been on a coat and jacket kick lately.

Though barely visible in the photo, I’m also wearing a new pair of glasses from Mr. Poet that are highly customizable as well. A nice half-frame. It almost makes me look studious.

Its about that time to get back into the building fray. I really want to get my sim done before I decide to nuke the whole thing (again) and start over. My boys may kill me if I do.



Style Card:

Hair: Dura 40 (Boys and Girls) black
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy – Shade 2
Eyeshadow: Beauty Killer – Gothic Eyeshadows – Dark
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes – Purple Pale
Glasses: Mr. Poet – Half Rim Eyeglasses
Necklace: :SEY Kabbalah Necklace
Hands: Shelly Laufer Men’s Hands (Silver & Black)
Jacket: M.o.w. – Buttoned Up Coat – Red
Pants: Guarded Cross – Leather Jeans GC501M – White Gold
Shoes: Mr. Poet – Full Brogue Derby Shoes
Pose: Chair – Manicure Pose (No longer in world)

6 thoughts on “Poetic Justice

  1. petrvanbeeck says:

    <—thinks Nigel needs some sun

    1. You really do have spring fever!

  2. petracarpenter says:

    That is one very warm and homely set and my fave items of clothing has to be the jacket. I like the cross over effect and the studs on it. And the photo isn’t bad either 🙂

  3. Rwah says:

    The pose oozes drama, the words woven about the shoes alone are a poem. Love it.

  4. It’s amusing to me how you and I were so thoughtful in diving onto the bomb that was those Mr.Poet shoes. No no, you guys, I’ll take care of it… you go on… I’ll just… curl up here… with… these shoes…

    1. HA! Exactly. Maybe they should have been called “The Grenades”

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