Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Its a Two-For! Also known as “Nigel bought two items from the same designer in one week!” This is a rarity for me, since I’m so damned picky. But to the rescue is Aitui- again! This time, its their Seer’s Tower (I keep wanting to call it Sears Tower which sends me down a whole Ferris path of destruction that can only end in having ‘Oh Yeah’ stuck in my head for a week. D’oh!) shirt and ‘scarflet’ as I call it. It comes in several styles, 2 per pack. I picked up version 3 and 4- the scarflet has a stripey design on the other one that I’m not wearing.

Once again I have to wax Ermagherd about Aitui’s wrinkles and shading. The shirt really flows and is incredibly smooth. As I mentioned in yesterdays post, sizing is very small. I fit in the medium just fine but it does make me look REALLY skinny. It does fit over my ample backside, Petr, so don’t worry- no slider adjustments necessary!

The pants are an older acquisition from a favorite designer, Mr.Poet. What I really like about these pants- like the Immerschoen from yesterday’s post- is that the fabric isn’t “perfect”. It is marked and faded and wears like real fabric should. Additionally, the designer put in three pairs of pant bottom sculpts- one for short boots (Worn here), one for tall boots so it has a scrunchy look above the boot, and one for no shoes.

The boots.. I don’t know when I got those. If you saw my boot folder, you’d probably pass out. I … tend to collect them. I like the over distressed look of these. I have a few pairs RL that look like theyre about to fall off my feet and sue for maintenance. So they’re comfy.

The lighting here was done with a projected texture using a sunset windlight. You can really get some great shadows with projected textures when you’re inside a build and can’t get the SL shadows.



Hair: Dura 40 For Boys and Girls – Black
Skin: Fruk – Jeremy Shade 2
Eyeshadow: Beauty Killer – Gothic Eyeshadows – Dark
Shirt: Aitui Clothing Factory – Seer’s Tower/black – b04
Pants: ::Mr.Poet:: Leather Woven pants red
Shoes: ::380:: – Civil Boot Black Distressed
Tape: SiniSTyle Taped Fist
Pose: ReelExpression – Ledge 03 (No longer in World)
Lighting: Inworld with projected textures

6 thoughts on “Seer’s Tower

  1. Rwah says:

    what i really think is that… i love this picture. And the outfit. Sorry to be boring and liking so much. I am horrible I know.

    1. Ooh- love the new hair there on your icon photo, Rwah!

      Thanks for the support 😀

  2. Petra Carpenter says:

    Quite nice and I like the backdrop as well. That outfit looks very comfortable. Funny you should post this when I have just been looking back over your entire photo submissions since you joined. Found one of some of us dressed as flowers for your second rez day *laughs*

    1. I remember that photo. Ha! Gosh, 2nd Rez Day. 5. Bloody. Years. Ago. Where’s my cane and hearing aid, dammit!

  3. Look at yourself, Nigel Riel, you’re acting like a full-fledged junkie!
    And it’s AITUI, for christ’s sakes!

    Naked Lunch reference aside, I AM gonna have to swing through there and check out demos, I can see that.

    1. Just don’t take away my typewriter, man.

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