Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

This is the part of our show where Nigel gets to munch down on some crow. And let me tell you, this plate of feathers has never looked so tasty.

From Alexandra Nichols and NV Corsetry comes her first men’s mesh corset “Pride”; a limited edition corset released on May 1st as part of the new Season of Couture adventure on The Renaissance Galleria Sim. Items will appear in the Season shoppe for a limited time (Each vendor only holds 100 copies) at a discount price and then it may later be found in the Creators individual main stores at full price.  The Season shoppe is centered around releasing content with the Real World Fashion Seasons and designing outfits inspired from the current runway walks. A bold ambition considering how quickly things are released.

What can I say? I love this corset. Technically, and due purely to my height in SL, it ends up being more of a waist cinch on me but that doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in my opinion. Its gorgeous. Her talent for making corsets and applying beautiful textures to the mesh stands out like a beacon to which other designers should aspire. Before I even get to the texture, lets talk about the mesh itself. It curves and bends where it should- especially around the back and under the arms. It lifts and dips appropriately like a good corset does after you’ve broken it in. And above all, it wears exactly like a corset would in RL. I own several, I ought to know. (Yes, yes, Nigel wears corsets for certain events in the real world too… ask me sometime if you’re curious.)

The back of the corset is absolutely delicious. The gromets and lacing are just as superbly textured as the corset itself  and if that wasn’t enough, they bend and fold with your spine since its part of the corset mesh.

Y’know how some mesh looks stretched and rubbery? Not this corset. The texturing on every aspect of this piece is absolutely lovely. The shading and highlights give a real feel to the corset so it doesn’t seem flat in any respect.

One last bit of gush before I get to the stylecard- the corset comes in 5 sizes from XSM – XL. Not being an expert in mesh, don’t quote me, but I really don’t think this is the “Standard 5” The Standard 5 don’t usually fit me- too big for a medium, to small for a large. And while that is the case with the corset (Something in between would be juuuuust right for this Goldilocks), the Large fits quite quite close. What is really nice about the multiple sizes, especially for a corset, is that I can wear a regular clothing layer shirt as I am here and wear the large- and if I want to wear a mesh shirt with it, I can put on the XL and it fits over it. I tried it with a few different shirts before settling on the RFyre/Egoisme shirt that really brought out the gold in the corset.

Here’s hoping Ms. Nichols does more corsets for men. I, for one, would kill for more styles and textures from NV Corsetry.

Simply Delicious.

Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik Black Set (Night Shadow)
Sunglasses: [GoS] – Custom Eyewear – SCT Loaded
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy Shade 2
Tattoos: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story
Necklace: T.E.D. – Tass/Black
Shirt: Rfyre & Egoisme Alliance – Fire
Corset: NV Corsetry – SOC Limited Ed – Pride Men’s Mesh Corset (Currently available at Seasons, later available at Alexandra’s shop)
Belt: L&B S’wear Men’s Square Belt – Black/Bronze *
Pants: >>GothiCatz<< – Diavolo
Hands: Shelly Laufer – Men’s Hands [Silver/Black]
Pose: HISpose – emoLean II – 2

6 thoughts on “NV Corsetry

  1. Heh, I fall into the EXACT same gap in the ‘Standard Five’, where I want an ‘M+’ or a ‘L-‘. I wonder how many others hit that same gaping hole? I’m going to guess at least 70% of the men in SL who ever bother editing their shape.

    1. When working with Paul from L&B we discussed that exact issue at length. Both O and I tried on their various sizes and looked at where the gaps were, so to speak, to help him come up with those “Medium Athletic” sizes he uses which is exactly that- M+ Its why the Standard 5 really do fit most.

  2. Rwah says:

    You sir look grand and that pictures is pure art.

    1. Thank you! The clothes definitely make the pixelman!

  3. TY so much for your kind words Nigel and your absolutely magnificent picture. 🙂 It has taken over a year for us to release our first male corset mainly because I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to fitting mesh and I knew this one was going to be a tough ask. Not only did it have to fit right, it had to move right. In future we might develop a longer body mesh, but for this initial release set I wanted to create something that was wearable with the majority of men’s mesh pants available in SL. Yes, I did say SET. The Pride corset is only the first of our men’s line and I hope to be releasing again in the near future. Thank you once again for your beautiful words.

    1. I tell it like I see it, M’lady. You’ve made an outstanding piece of art. I’m still verklempt. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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