Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So last night, my brother IMs me and says, “I have to show you my latest cocktail dress, its flawless. TP ME!” In he floats wearing this green frock with feathers and then tells me, “I need fuck me pumps, help!”  I knew my brother would enjoy SL which is why I got him in here in the first place, but I didn’t think he’d take to it like a duck to water. Or in this case, like a drag queen to a sale at Macy’s. (Or a bear to honey if we’re going to go idiom crazy here…)

A few shopping minutes later, he found this flawless frock and I had to have one too. He went with the Disco Diva outfit since it came with a pair of heeled ankle boots made for a man, by a man- no funky resizing required. (ANVIL SIZED HINT HERE TO YOU SHOE AND BOOT MAKERS OUT THERE) I can sometimes get away with heeled boots meant for women- not always- but sometimes- but for my brother, who is a slider-bear, by the time you re-size a pair of heels for him it looks like he’s got a club foot and a knee-high boot is suddenly thigh high and looks terrible.

I ended up with the fatpack of the jacket because you never know when you’re going to need to have your torso covered in feathers and have to match something else….

…or maybe I just float in different social circles than most people.

I’m really digging on these beads from +Monster+ too. Each necklace can be worn separately and has a resizer included on each strand. Even after resizing, with the funky way it curves and bends, it still fits the body nice and tight. Really happy with them.

I did realize that, because I shot against a black danceclub, you can see the halo on some of the feathers- I’ll grant you that- but out in daylight, I didn’t see them at all and they’re not noticable except against the dark background like that. So don’t let that stop you!



style Card:
Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Guren (Black)
Skin: FRUK Jeremy Shade 2
Tattoo: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes – Purple Pale
Necklaces: +monster+ Beads Onxy
Jacket: Hotline Diva Jacket – Red and Black
Jockstrap: Vitamen – Athletic Supporter – Red
Rings: Rozoregalia – Ring & Nail 1

Dance: Humanoid

Location: Tribute

8 thoughts on “Fabulous in Feathers

  1. Rwah says:

    “I ended up with the fatpack of the jacket because you never know when you’re going to need to have your torso covered in feathers and have to match something else….” I love that!

    And thank you for this post. A friend of mine is always moaning about how his boots (he wears females ones) look aweful. Ill put him on the path to enlightment.

    1. If he’s looking for good heel types, feel free to have him IM me in world. I may work on a boot showcase post but that will take awhile. I’d be happy to toss him some LMs for good fem-heel boots that work for most guys shapes.

      1. Rwah says:

        Thanks I will do that. He is just sort of discovering himself, he is young and shy. But Ill give him your name. Thank you.

      2. I’ll be on my bestest behavior. Honest. 🙂

      3. Rwah says:

        Aaww? why? I have sent him a message.

  2. Petra Carpenter says:

    Sounds as if your brother is quite like you in a lot of ways….good job he wasn’t around back in the day or some of us would never have coped with double doses of Riel!!! (I am sure he doesn’t have the same SL surname but just run with it) So now I am picturing you in matching dresses and heeled boots….!

    1. He’s crazy. But then, so am I.

  3. Petra Carpenter says:

    Yes you are I agree-guess it is in the genes 🙂

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