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Happy Rez Day To Me
Happy Rez Day To Me
Happy Rez Day To Meeeeeeee
Dear God, I’ve been Here 7 Yeaaaaaaaaars
Happy Rez Day To Me

If you’d like to skip the babblethon and just see the stylecard, its down at the bottom of the post. Otherwise, sit back, grab a mimosa, and listen to Nigel babble.

Seven. Years. I think that makes me ancient or at the very least Methuselistic. I came from the great class of 2006. A friend of mine from my roleplay MU* days (That’s fancy speak for old text based roleplaying.. ) was telling me all about this wonderfully creative place called Second Life so I stuck my nose in and was blown away by the world in which I could immerse myself. Human, Vampire, Faerie, Demon, Elf, any number of anthropomorphic animal, and everything in between. It was all up for grabs.

I could roleplay. I could build. I could create and sell. I could do anything!. I still remember the first time I tried to just simply align a fence that I had purchased to put around my own whole 512 parcel on the mainland. It wasn’t until I met my first “crowd” of people and a brilliant builder who patiently taught me how to use the numbers- the grid- the arrows- and what all those little dials and switches could do to a prim could I actually *do* any of the cool things I saw out in the world. Mostly though in those early days, it was all about going to clubs and dancing.

Blue Boy on Apollo was my haunt of choice. Tons of hot guys on a beautiful sim with great music. Its where I met Wesley Spengler for the first time- DJ Extraordinaire. I was there most nights, I think. It was the first club I found that wasn’t full of gesture spamming babble. People actually TALKED to each other while listening to the music and making our avatars boogie to the latest dances.

I quickly found a home- a partner that would last for 5 years- a huge family that would wax and wane with the tides. We ran a roleplay sim, a massive mall, a private home for my partner and I and finally a residential sim for our family. At the peak, we had 4 sims running at once. Yikes!

I built things for people. I did a lot of photography. I hosted hundreds of events, built custom sets, threw parties and DJed like a fiend. I was auctioned off for charity more than once. Man, it was huuuuuuge. It was fun. It was full of Teh Dramuhz. It drove me crazy. When it was good, it was amazingly outstanding. When it was bad, it brought out the worst in me.

I met some close friends with whom I am still close to today. I brought RL friends into SL to share the insanity. I met several of my SL friends in the real world and still call them friends to this day. Some have wandered off to parts unknown. Some hate me with every fiber of their being. Above all, I learned a lot about myself and look back on it with (mostly) fond thoughts. I choose to remember the good and learn from the bad. I’ve mended some fences I thought were permanently destroyed. I’ve bid mental farewell to those who would still like to see me roasting in my own special hell.

I stopped logging into SL for awhile for about two years while I was living in London. My connection was soooooo bad where I lived. It was painful to try and log in sometimes. I’d pop in now and then but for the most part, I missed a lot! When I returned back to San Francisco, I started getting back into it again and found out where Wes was DJing. It was like starting over in a way.

I’ve found a new family made of old and new friends alike. I build worlds for charity, I take pictures for fun, and I blog my way through SL while dancing, laughing, and constantly wondering how in the hell saggy-ass baggy mesh pants are popular. (Hey, I had to get that in here SOMEWHERE!)  I’ve met amazingly creative people who make me want to tear down everything I build and do it better. I miss some old friends who are in the wind and hope to hear from them again sometime when they set anchor and invite me aboard once more.

If I have learned anything at all in this crazy place called Second Life, its to never miss an opportunity to talk to someone new. You never know who you may encounter. Everyone has something to teach us. And I need to do a better job of staying in touch with the people who mean something to me.

Be excellent to each other.

Style Card:

Hair: Dura 40 (Boys&Girls) – Black and Platinum
Skin: FRUK – Jeremy (Shade 2)
Piercings:  ~*Souzou Eien*~ Of Obsidian Pearls (Lip and Nose), Mekare Brow/Nostril/Lip/Earlobe
Sweater & Jacket: Gabriel – Mesh Double Leather Jacket / Sweater Set
Necklace: Gabriel – Achilleus Long
Fingertape: SiniStyle Taped Fist
Rings:Rozoregalia *Gemma* Ring&Nail 1
Pants: sf design – stud leather jeans
Cake: Lapointe & Bastchilde “Death Royale Wedding Cake”


6 thoughts on “Happy Rez Day To Meeeeee

  1. Petra Carpenter says:

    I’m not too far behind you in the amount of years I have been in SL. It’s a very different place now than it was when I logged in for the very first time and at least we don’t get hair and accessories up our rear ends when we TP these days!

    I met you about a year after your entry into SL and knew you best for the following two and a half after that. You made me smile, laugh, angry, confused, wanted and frustrated though thankfully never all at the same time. I adored you for being you and not where you lived or what title you wore above your head. When you would DJ for my events I thought I was the luckiest fountain sitter in the world. Some of the time it was so much fun it was out of this world like the 24 hour party.

    I adored being your friend and I miss that even now. But the times they do change just as we all do.

    Happy Rez day Nigel-here is to the next seven being chilled and fun for you which is just what SL is meant to be 🙂

  2. Ha! That 24 hour party was crazy. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I said yes that nonsense. Thank ya kindly, ma’am.

  3. Happy rez day Master … I for one am truly glad you made it back .

  4. ~self restrain EXCLUSIVELY for your rezzday~

    LOL Oh Nigel if you only knew what I WANTED to write.

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