Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So I actually went out tonight to look at FRUK and their new mesh t-shirt and jeans with the suspenders.  Honest. I did. That was tonight’s goal as I had heard they were outstanding. I got so distracted with the new skin, Jeremy, that I completely forgot to even look at the clothing.

I wasn’t looking for a new skin. I love the skin I’ve been wearing for the last.. err… *quick inventory check* 10 months. I’ve been wearing Cunov by Nivaro. HE does amazing skins so my changing of skins has nothing to do with not liking his anymore.. but DAYUM… FRUK has outdone themselves on the new one.

As I mentioned, its titled Jeremy. It comes in 6 different shades from a very pale- but very nice and well done pale, I might add, not pink or pasty- to a nice, dark and deep tan. They don’t look orange- they don’t look pumpkin- they don’t look spray on tan.. I can honestly say every one of the shades looked great. Being the post-vampire-retired-goth that I am, I went with the 2nd palest, “Shade 2”.

What drew me to the skin was the realism. One of my longstanding pet peeves about skins in SL is that they’re either too cartoony or too real. The photo real skins make me twitch. There’s something just not right about them at all. They’re kinda creepy, honestly. And half the time the pores are so big you could drive a Humvee through it with extra-large snowtires and still throw your arms up on top and not hit the sides. This new skin from FRUK doesn’t come anywhere near that. Its just the right balance for me. It certainly added some depth to my face, I think. Though I have to say, I look kinda angry/serious all the time.. which I think is simply the way my eyebrows are shaped. I’ll have to look at that.

The body definition is great too! Its not too soft and I don’t look like a gym queen all ripped and six-packed. I’m more… six-pack of diet soda, if you will. The definition is there but its certainly not ripped. The attention to detail on the navel and nipples didn’t go unnoticed either.

The legs and knees are great- and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look at the feet. I either wear boots or prim feet so… it really isn’t the consideration for me like it used to be. So your mileage may vary there.  The back is nicely defined with actual shoulder blade definition as well.

But the best part? Yea, the ass. You knew that was coming. This skin makes my ass look Gooooood. Its a teensy bit dark on the shading but it doesn’t hit skidmark levels like early skins did. (Remember those? Where you looked like you had a rash and wondered just what exactly your avatar got up to while you weren’t logged in and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD why didn’t he take pictures or video?)

FRUK does it right in a  couple other ways here too- Not only is it available in the 6 shades, but also in 5 hair colors including Blonde, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Ginger. So you can have your matching eyebrows.  Additionally, they take advantage of the tattoo layer for the body hair so you can wear or not depending on your desire for waxing that morning.  Their body hair doesn’t look like someone shaved a shag carpet, threw it at me, and used spray glue to keep it there like a lot of other skins. I admit, I would like a little more of a trail from navel to groin, but that’s just a personal preference and to be honest, with my tattoos… you’d barely notice anyway.

Mix and match, you can also add several styles of facial hair separately at their counters.

So look out- Nigel changed his skin in less than 1 year from the last change. The stars are either aligning or its time to grab your ass and wait for the inevitable meteor.



Skin: FRUK – Jeremy, Shade 2, Black Hair

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik (Front View) (Only at Fantasy Fair at the moment), Dura – 40 (Back View)

Boots: [GOS] Triumph Tight


3 thoughts on “Nigel Stops Waxing – Film At 11

  1. My, that looks quite good on you! I am starting to feel like you’re following me… 😉

  2. Naw, if I was following you, I’d be a lot shorter.

    1. Hee, true. I may need to boost the height, anymore.

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