Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

What does one do when their net has been bouncing all day like a go-go boy on Daddy’s lap? He writes a rant, that’s what. But that’s next…

Between bounces, I did manage to get a shot done.

Several months ago I bought a ton of items… and never got around to blogging them because work just kicked my perky little ass from here to neverwhere and back. So I thought I’d go through my inventory and start finding some of these and then checking to make sure they were still in world. Lo and Behold- they are! And hey, even matching with this week’s theme of MWFW 2013, I noticed that the clothes are available there as well.

Well lookit me, all in theme and shit.

The exception to the MWFW theme is the new hair. From /wasabi pills/, titled Erik (The women’s version is, naturally, Erika) was an item I picked up at the Fantasy Fair late last night after most folks had logged out for the night. Available in the standard 4-shade color packs as well as a special Fantasy Fair RFL Vendor only “Candy” set with a pink, baby blue and … oh crap, can’t remember the other one. Purply maybe. The back of the hair is identical to the Orion hair and falls lower middle back. I love the part here and the casual tuck back behind the ear to cascade over the chest in uneven tendrils. So while it still has the Mesh hair look (Some like it, some don’t), it does have a wisp effect and the more natural fall of real hair.  Most notable was that I didn’t have to adjust my ear at all- it just fit perfectly in the nitch where the hair tucks back. I did have to adjust my facial chain piercings though- because bad Nigel was bad and lazy and since I wear hair that covers my ears and you couldn’t /see/ that I hadn’t lined them up properly… *cough*…

The shirt and tie is from FATEWear. Hei – Fatpack. Comes in the standard 5 sizes from XS to XL and 4 colors (Beach, London, Tundra, and Volcano) The colors are all mostly subdued except for Volcano which is a rich, bright red and one of the better shades of red that personally appeals. The tie is also in the set and comes in matching sizes to go with the shirt in 4 colors- Ocean, Tundra, Void and Wasteland. I could get away with the Medium if I wasn’t wearing mesh pants- but the extra belt and “layer” of the mesh pants required the large shirt to fit over it. No big deal really. The shading and wrinkles on the shirt are great- I especially liked the sleeves and the “pulled” look around a couple buttons on the chest.

The trousers are from *X*Plosion- the X*Bolt Mesh White Leather pants. Built in belt and hip chain. Comes in the standard XS – L with a “default” size as well though I have to admit, I don’t know what “default” is supposed to be. Two alpha layers to compensate for covering your feet  as well that takes care of those pesky boots that might stick through. I love the wrinkles on these and the depth to the pockets. They also ride nice and low which is a plus.

Style Card: (Gasp, he’s doing a style card– he must have time on his hands between net bounces)

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik (Available currently only at Fantasy Fair. I’m sure it will hit the main store after the event)

Ear: +ROZOREGALIA+ *Gemma* Earring 4+Ear/A Facial Piercings: ~*Souzou Eien*~ by Draconias Timeless “Of Obsidian Pearls” (lip Ring), Mekare (Right Facial Chains)

Shirt and Tie: FATEWear – Hei

Trousers: *X*Plosion X*Bolt White Leather



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