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Razor has been around for some time now with a steadily growing base of items for sale. They were one of the first stores I ran across that had the bulk of their items as MESH. Whether or not this is me being a slacker and not finding them until they did mesh or they started that way, I couldn’t tell you.. but by the time I hit their shop, they had some great items.

The Timberlake vest/shirt combo is no exception. Offered exclusively for MWFW 2013, with a VERY cheap price tag of $149L, you get a triple-layered look. Shirt, inner and outer vests are all customizable with 23 colors/patterns for the outer vest, 15 colors/patterns for the inner vest, 5 button styles, and 2 shirt styles- though honestly, its a black shirt either with or without their logo tagged on it. They include 2 alphas for the vest/shirt combo to adjust for longer or shorter forearms- an outstanding addition. Several of the MESH shirts I own don’t work with my forearms.. they’re usually too long. Its great that they added a second alpha!

The set also comes with black mesh trousers and some very nice black, mesh gloves.

You may have noticed I’m not wearing the trousers from the set. As I’ve mentioned, oh, a million times or more, I loathe saggy-ass droopy mesh pants that look like you’re carrying a diaper load. If I had one wish in SL, it would be to make it so that trend never happened. Ok, well, I’d need more than one wish because the constantly unhappy frowny-faced sad pandas are almost as bad.

But I’m digressing again.

The vest/shirt combo from Razor is amazing and I love the options. Remember- this is only available at MWFW so get thee on board! You can find them next to the dance floor on the KMADD Events sim.


2 thoughts on “MWFW 2013 – Razor – Timberlake

  1. I had a mesh design thought on curing the diaper-load trouser rigged mesh problem… Do you know anyone who does mesh design that I should have a talk through with?

  2. Most of the folks I know that I enjoy talking to and call friends make Mesh pants I like and don’t have that problem 😛

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