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Having just discussed Razor in general, I won’t repeat it (I’m saying that a lot in the last few days… I should find a new way to say “Hi, I’m not being repetitive” without, y’know, being repetitive. Just a thought.) but suffice it to say they have some great offerings this season!

The Razor Evo Side Button Jacket comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and is pretty damned roomy. The M fit me great and the L looked gargantuan so you big men out there should be able to wear the L or XL easily. The alpha looks fab and caused no issues at all at the sleeves.

The jacket- though really, its a jumper imo- comes in 18 different color designs/solid color plus 11 shirt colors. I tried it on with several different pairs of pants including, finally, the L&B Mesh Leathers I’m wearing in the photo- no issues whatsoever. The back is snug against the ass, so you may find some belts to be a little peek-a-boo but you can just adjust it forward.

Nice straight forward HUD for color/design changes, just like in their Timberlake vest/shirt set.


One thought on “MWFW 2013 – Razor – EVO

  1. kistennightfire says:

    Nice new look of the blog 😉

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