Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

The entire basis for being a self-proclaimed retired goth stems from two factors: one, I am just too old to care anymore if my eyeliner is smudged appropriately to match my ripped up leathers and two, well, ok, I’m old. But what I mean is, my fashion, music and sensibilities were heavily influenced by the early goth, punk and industrial scenes of the 80’s. Add into that a healthy dose of British Invasion New Wave and perhaps the tendency for me wear some of the things I do will suddenly make more sense.

Duran Duran, David Bowie and Roxy Music have just as much, if not equal or more, influence on me as does Bauhaus, The Sex Pistols and Siousxie and the Banshees. So sliding into this gorgeous ruffled formal shirt from Innuendo is no different than wearing a pair of so-tight-you-can-guess-my-religion leather boyshorts and ripped fishnets. Indeed, take the cuffs off of this shirt from Innuendo and replace it with leather straps, bangles and bobs and it would be just as right.

I LOVE this shirt. The collar and cuff ruffles are SO well done. And WHITE! How often do you honestly see white done right? The high collar up under the hair, the open buttons, the bend and twist… I love everything about this shirt. Not only available in white, but the rainbow of colors, Innuendo has put out a very fine product here. It works great with a matching vest or the jacket of your choice as well as she delivers the shirt on the shirt layer with an under-lower layer if you’re wearing it solo. Match it with your favorite jacket or vest if you prefer to go fully formal or down and dirty.

Matched here with the Dura “40” hair (Which I talk about in more detail here), both offerings can be found at MWFW.


2 thoughts on “MWFW – Innuendo

  1. This is the… Brunowhiteshirt from them, yes?

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