Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

*X*Plosion has been on my radar for a little while now so I was excited to see they had a shop for MWFW. I had bought their mesh jeans in a few colors and really liked the way they rode on the hips- nice and low- but still high and tight on the ass and thighs. I almost passed by this jacket, admittedly, until I realized all the color change ability.

I’m not one for the sheepskin lined bomber style jackets. So the flap almost turned me off but then I saw that you can have it in black, and well… black and red just fit me like a glove so I gave the demo a whirl and picked it right up.

The jacket itself is available in 4 different jacket colors (black, red, tan and white) but each jacket itself has 4 colors of flap color and includes 5 different sizes inside.

My only complaint (you knew there had to be one, didn’t you?) is the alpha layer. Its way too long on the legs and you can just look right up inside of the jacket no matter which size you wear. Partnered with a jackat alpha from another designer (in this case, I put on Vengeful Threads) it works perfectly.

The alpha layer is what killed their new mesh tank-top for me as well. The tank itself looks awesome- bunched up around the belly, a little pectoral love goin’ on, a nice x-shape across the back.. .but the alpha layer is absolutely awful. Jagged and too big no matter, again, which size of the tank top I put on. I tried messing with my shoulder size and nothing seemed to make it work until I shrank my shoulders to 0 and looked like I’d been in a terrible farming accident.

The jacket though is a definite must have for any jacket lovers out there. I could easily pair it with a shirt underneath or not. It wrinkles in the right places, flips out and hangs around with a unique style. Flexible and functional. A great choice.. just make sure you have another alpha around if it doesn’t work for your body style.


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