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Vitamen, as I have stated repeatedly, have done more for the male underwear and bathing suit industry than anyone else in SL. For so long we have trudged to underwear parties in bad boxers, ass-misshapen briefs, and terrible fabrics. But Vitamen has changed all of that for the better.

Available not only in charcoal and dark red, but also in a wide range of their off-beat muted colors, this Basic Boxer Briefs – ButtonFly offering is one more step in their widening range of gorgeous works. This set comes with the Prim Bulge that is a wonderful shape; it sits just right on the body and fits. None of this ‘so big you could hurt someone’ or ‘so small you could miss it’ resizing adventures.. so call me a Fairy Tale Princess and give me a jar of honey, the three bears are just going to have to sit this one out.

You can wear it without the prim bulge if you so desire- the textures on the shorts provide enough wrinkles and shading that with the sliders set appropriately, its almost not needed. But… why would you? The prim attachment is just spectacular.

I can’t say enough about the wrinkles and shading on these boxers. Vitamen does the most amazing work on their clothing- the attention to detail really can’t be overstated.


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