Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

The photo doesn’t do the outfit from Vengeful Threads justice, I have to say. The colors are sharp- crisp- and vibrant. The designs are unique but completely fitting to the Day of the Dead theme. The greens, blues and reds all pop and give such a lovely flair to this I wish I’d had it last year! But DotD will be back in November and this will be on my pixels and splashed with pride.

The mesh jacket and pants both come in multiple sizes which fit me right out of the box. The shirt is on its own layer so you can wear it or not- change it up if you prefer- or go with what matches. You can also mix and match- the set comes with an alpha for the jacket, the pants, or one together. I love it when designers put that forethought into their releases knowing that some of us love to mix and match and we don’t have to be contained in one outfit.

Along with Vixn’s other signature styles, you can find this at MWFW right off the landing point.


One thought on “MWFW 2013 – Vengeful Threads

  1. OK cool now there’s TWO people I can chloroform and steal this suit fro– er, I mean, TWO people I know who are promoting this thing!

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