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Mens Wear Fashion Week, 2013

Merrick contacted me about blogging for the event and after a look at my stupidly busy work schedule, said absolutely! I was even going to build part of the runway sets but then work intervened. I’ve been home a smattering of days in the last few weeks- as I believe the lack of content lately here will attest. Its been very frustrating as we come into the Shopping Season and me not having a ton of time to devote.

But last night, around midnight, I got home late from another 3 day business trip, I dutifully logged in and hopped onto the sim during the Blogger Preview and got to run around like a chicken looking at as much as I could before things kicked off so I could get to the blogging and get things posted before the event started. Like I said I would.

…and then I got there.

I have to honestly say I am disappoint. Fashion on SL has gone one of two directions: the way of the saggy-ass Slhipster or the High Fashionista. One the one side, it almost seems like the baggier the better. If your shapeless saggy pants don’t reach at least mid-thigh, then apparently it isn’t hot. And I just don’t get it. None of it appeals to me in the slightest. Similarly, the overwhelming use of herringbone and other noisy patterns in peg-leg skinny suits and jackets does nothing more than give me a headache. On the Fashionista angle, the crazy lines and outrageous glamour are beautiful- but just not something for those of us that don’t walk a runway every day. And quite frankly, I just look silly in them.

I did, however, find a few gems that I liked and fit my style and were outstanding.

Before I get to all that, though, I do want to point one thing out. If you *LIKE* the way men’s fashion is trending on SL you will not find a better collection of the top names and new faces than on the MWFW sim. Get thee immediately to MWFW and shop your heart out. There are dozens of excellent shops with the latest mesh styles with new and twisted textures to make your pocketbook bleed like a stuck pig. You will want for absolutely nothing at this event. The major players are, of course, all represented and several names I was not familiar with. And not just clothing! There are some great accessory sellers as well as poses, AO’s and naturally, booooooooots.

And speaking of boots, I only picked up one pair that was part of a set….and can’t wear them. I’ll get into that later, but y’all know me, I’m a total boot WHORE… but I have to say, I didn’t see a single pair that I either didn’t already have or was the same old, tired mesh/sculpted boot with a new texture slapped on. The only exception here of course was Jeepers Creepers. She has ALWAYS brought new styles and great textures. Not my personal style- but outstanding none the less. A couple shops even had the same mesh boot with VERY similar textures slapped onto it- for DRASTICALLY different prices. Make sure you shop around diligently before making your purchases.

I know I’m sounding like a Debbie Downer here for the most part, but as I stated when I started this adventure into blogging, I’m only covering it if it fits me and my personal style. MOST of SL fashion doesn’t. But with the exception of the occasional rant, I’m not here to slag on designers who put countless hours into items that I just don’t find appealing. That’s MY personal choice. The artistry and creativity of these designers should be applauded regardless of whether or not it fits this one retired goth’s style.

And with that, on with the show!

2 thoughts on “MWFW 2013 – Preface

  1. I’ve seen bits and bobs that appealed to me, but the prevalence of what we will euphemistically call ‘baggy crotch’ jeans is starting to trouble me.
    Indeed, I’ve started thinking about learning how to use Blender, just so I can figure out how to make a dropped-crotch pants mesh that actually hangs like fabric that’s stiffer than sweatpants, as I have mapped out in my tiny brain what the mesh-mapping problem is that results in the er… depends-groin pants, and roughly how to fix it.

  2. Aryanna says:

    Agreed. I cannot stand the wide hipped, gaping crotch trend in pants. I own very few mesh pants because of that very reason. I’ve been disappointed quite a bit by women’s fashion as of late. Perhaps just my tastes have changed. Skin shopping isn’t much better. I’ve kept the same 2 skins for the last 2 years. Unless you have a trout mouth the skins just don’t look right. When the hell did this become attractive? I barely shop for new stuff except at my preferred stores because I keep finding the same sad mesh shapes.

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