Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

+grasp+ has long been another of my favorite designers. I remember when their first sculpted leather jackets came out and I was all over those like black on goth.  I had all three colors and wore them almost religiously. Same with their boots; those first sculpted, pointy-toed, leather boots of goodness were delicious items to behold.

+grasp+ has also entered the mesh arena and, unsurprisingly, did it by releasing updated versions of that old sculpted leather jacket. I admit, their mesh leather pants left me depressed and sobbing in my absinthe due to the flat front and saggy ass that so many of the early mesh designs had as an almost signature. But never fear- +grasp+ is back and in my mind, at the front of the pack with the likes of L&B. (And you know how hard up I am for them)

Lets start with the Studded Pea Coat. Available in multiple sizes and colors, the pea-coat bends and flexes and doesn’t sit on you like a rigid jacket. It has movement and looks natural. The shading around the buttons, pockets and collar are just right and folds and bends just give it that extra little ooomph.

My only complaint about this jacket is the arms.. and maybe its my avatar or the pose.. but it seems like my arms are a little misshapen. Like my biceps got stretched out after one too many bench presses at the gym.

Overall- a most excellent offering from +grasp+ …. and just one of two. Wait til you see the second one…


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