Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’ve had a long-time love/hate/love/whatthehell/love relationship with Aitui. I think at one time I owned every t-shirt they ever released. As their eye turned away from the more gothy/industrial/punk flavor they were courting for awhile, I felt like a jilted lover. I would go to the store and peek in the window from time to time to see if they still held feelings for me, but alas, rejected, I would walk away with my head down. I still would pop in now and then and sometimes find something that fit my personal taste, and I’m very pleased to say that the offering at MWFW shown here definitely is back in my style!

Titled “Double Drift”, this black shirt comes with the mesh-ripped look in multiple colors. It was late, I didn’t snapshot, but if memory serves it was grey, red, blue and maybe a green… all the more reason for you to get over there and look for yourself! Depressingly, they are only making XS, S, and M. Luckily, the M mostly fit though I did have to lower my arm muscles in order to make the sleeves fit.

Similarly, Dura does some amazing hairstyles but only a few of them have ever really fit my taste. This offering, ’40’, I am wearing in both Platinum and Black. I simply make the black one slightly larger. I love the way it frames the face and does a little bit of eye cover on one side. The flexi moves nicely and doesn’t cut into the body at all. It wisps without looking like a bad texture ( you know what I mean- those wisps that simply look like the designer put the texture on at the wrong angle?) and looks natural. I absolutely love this hair.

Both the Aitui and Dura have shops on MWFW with new and exciting items.


3 thoughts on “MWFW 2013 – Aitui & Dura

  1. Love that hair on you!
    I’ve always found Dura’s work talented and beautifully executed, but as I put it what a year ago, it just wasn’t ‘me’. That didn’t make it bad hair, just made it hair that wasn’t good on me: I’ve still steered business their way when people have a specific look in mind that Dura’s touch suited.
    I am finding that the stuff they are doing recently is REALLY getting my attention: it still has that androgyny they always have pulled off gorgeously, but just enough less of it that Nath looks absolutely proper in it.

    1. kisten says:

      wonderful hair and looks absolutely perfect on You. Love it!

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