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While I have been mostly silent for over a month, l’horreur, I have still kept my nose in and out of SL as much as possible. I’ve been working like a fiend for the RL job – you know how it is this time of the year. Us Corporate Wage Slaves are hard at work on budgeting and planning for the next fiscal year which leaves very little time for carousing, shopping, and being a general pain in the ass in the virtual world.

Nothing, however, can keep me out of world with Lapointe and Bastchild release a new item.

Y’all know I have a serious hardon for L&B leathers so it comes as no surprise that their latest offering from the S’wear MESH line is in my hot little hands and draped across my pixels. A classic leather jacket and t-shirt combo. Simple, right? Ha, not when it comes to L&B.

Your HUD is your gateway to deliverance, my leather disciples. First of all, you can decide if you want to wear the jacket on its own or with a t-shirt. The jacket itself has 4 styles of leather from a smooth, worn black to the ribbed. The t-shirt is offered in different colors and designs. And finally the metal bits can be customized as well.

6 sizes of jacket or jacket+Tshirt. 4 different alpha layers (Jacket, jacket+Tshirt, jacket+Pants, or jacket+tshirt+pants- oh, yes, did I mention the leather options on the jacket match their L&B S’wear MESH Men’s leather pants designs too? Why yes, yes they do)

The lines and design on the jacket and t-shirt both bend and melt against you the way good leather should. The wrinkles, as I am often to state, are sublime. He’s taken his wrinkles a step further- they really have a feel and look to them that is authentic.

This week is crazy for me with 3 concerts, a business trip, and ending the week off with Men’s Fashion Week. I’ll be getting the sneak preview and blogging my ass off next weekend. Be afraid.. be very afraid.

I’m actually quite excited about being on the blogroll for MFW. I’ve missed the opportunity to be in SL for several weeks being so busy with work. I’ve not been able to write, build, play or do photography in some time.

And here it is, 2:20am.

Oh I should end here before the leather fetish gets… weird.

*evil grin*



L&B S’Wear Mesh Men’s Classic


3 thoughts on “Ooh, La la, Lea-Ther

  1. anon says:

    niceeeeeee!!! ok now what is wrong with it getting weird? i thought that is one of the things we love about you?

  2. I’d love for Paul to do the shirts from this coat as seperates. The ass on his mesh jeans doesn’t fit under any other mesh.

  3. Interesting- I didn’t have that problem. Curious- did you wear the same size mesh pants as mesh top? They’re made to fit together

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