Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


A month ago or so, yours truly signed up to be a blogger for Menswear Fashion Week. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to branch out a tiny bit and maybe even try on some new duds that aren’t stereotypically me but still things I enjoy.

We bloggers received our first Blog Packs today and inside along with the logos and notecards, was probably the hands-down single most awesome thing EVAR. Whether someone has done it before I don’t know- but I personally haven’t seen it so we’re going to call it flawlessly new and wonderful. Regardless, its brilliant.

All visitors to Fashion Week will be able to pick-up – or will be given, I don’t know- a folder containing an explanation notecard, a full-body alpha layer and your choice of three sculpted attachments: A moustache, a Bowtie, or a Bowler Hat. Put on the alpha, put on your choice of attachments, and remove everything else. And I do mean EVERYTHING. No clothing, no attachments, no scripts, no HUDs, no tattoo layers… nada! Take it all off. Now’s your chance!

Without a doubt, the main thing that keeps me from going to most events on SL is the lag. Its a nightmare. And fashion events have to be the absolute worst. A full sim with everyone wearing the latest in sculpts, mesh, and layer upon layer of scripted items all tailored to make you look like the hottest thing to step off a runway E.V.A.R. All it does to most people is make you look like a misshapen blob or worse, a floating ball of smoke. We’re all trying to see what’s hot- what’s new- what’s on SALE for heaven’s sake.. and here we are, killing ourselves with self-created lag because by god we’re going to look our absolute BEST while shopp— well, standing around bitching about how bad the lag is we can’t move or rez or actually see anything we want and go home pissed with a “I’ll try later…” that never happens because the sim is full the entire time the event is going on.

You know its true.

And every time, we say to ourselves, “Well I’ll just wear the bare minimum…” which, if you’re a vain bitch like I am, means I will take off my jewelry. Or maybe just wear a shirt with only a collar prim… or, well, I could just wear those boots without the color changer… but that would look stupid.. oh fuck it, someone ELSE will take off theirs and make up for me.

Uh huh.

Worse is when you do your best to strip everything down and land on a sim that has a script counter set so low you can’t even wear system hair and it boots you off and sends you home with a nasty warning and not so much as cab fare or an obligatory, “Sure, I’ll call you later.” Places like that are just rude.

But back to Menswear Fashion Week…

BRAVO! Its simple, its understated, and its perfect.

Come along for the fun- just bring your shadow.

Coming Soon: April 2013



One thought on “Menswear Fashion Week 2013 – Its Coming!

  1. What lovely fanciful avs! Much better than my Henry Rollins on Speed look.

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