Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I know I said I was going to dig into my massive inventory of new clothes to start catching up on the blogging, but instead, you’re going to get to look at two much better looking men than me rocking the latest Tuxedos from Lapointe and Bastchilde.

I know, I know.. more L&B Lust.. but it really can’t be helped, now can it. I ask you, can you look at those two and NOT want to own either one of the sets? It defies the laws of nature how good our pixel bodies can be made to look wearing L&B products so yes, I’ll thrust myself on the fires of martyrdom and post again about their fabulous lines.

They’ve released a new version of the tux- this with Cumberbund and Bow-Tie options in colors, just like the first Tux, with a HUD to do all the work for you.

Get thee to L&B, fashionistas.

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