Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


I spend a couple hours every weekend dancing to my favorite DJ and hanging out with a great group of 3F’s (Funny, Fashionable, Fuckable… don’t look at me like that.) Its my relaxation time with family. We laugh- we tease- we flirt- and once in awhile I get nosey when someone comes in wearing something fabulous and I get a landmark… like I did with this entire outfit. Larz came in wearing these mesh white jeans that were just to die for… and WHITE!

Just to sidetrack for a moment, as I have been told I do from time to time, lets discuss white in Second Life. Its the hardest “color” to do on clothing. Too much shading, its now grey. Not enough, its flat. And forget latex and leathers in white- those just end up looking like a train wreck most of the time. I went back through my inventory looking at allt he white clothing I had and almoste very one of them is just terrible by today’s standards. For yeaaaaaaars I’ve wanted white leather jeans that looked like this… and now I have them.

Course, I took a picture wearing the red ones. You’ll just have to go shopping, now, won’t yoU?

The first thing that got my attention on the trousers was the ass. Besides the fact I like a good ass, the mesh on these is just spot.on. Curved, tight, and begging to be spanked. Just. Begging. Second is the wrinkles- behind the knee- around the ankles- the low slouch of the belt and waist.. the highlights and shading are incredible. I highly reccomend perusing the rest of the shop- there’s all sorts of colors, shades and lengths to choose from. Each pair comes in the standard 5 sizes so try the demo first.

The shirt and boots are also from XP- the shirt looked FAAAABULOUS on the advert but I have to admit I’m a touch disappointed with it on. I would still say give it a shot- the price is right and additionally, it very well could be my shape that is causing the “wrinkle” mid-chest where I bed as it is right where the end of the scoop-neck is located. So it looks a little funky on me. Texture wise, however, and style are outstanding.

And here it is, 3am, and I have another blog post to do in the best tuxedo to hit the grid EVAR.

Tomorrow.. well, later today… whatever.

Happy Holidaze,


Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion

Shirt: *X*Plosion – Fever MeshTop – Black

Pants: *X*Plosion – X*Bolt Mesh Pants – Red

Shoes: *X*Plosion – StreetStyle Shoes – Black

Arm Belts: T.E.D – Tarrik – Red

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