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A few days ago, I saw the little blue box of joy pop up that always makes my heart thud a little harder that starts out with “Paul Lapointe has sent you…” With glee, I went and peeked in the blogger group and found their new Tuxedo sets. “Ooh, a Mesh tuxedo.. this will be stunning.”

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the magnificent design and versatility of their latest release for men.

So details first: The Lapointe and Bastchild Mens Tuxedo “Modern Black Open” formal suit comes in 3 sets, 2 Special Edition Sets, and of course a Demo Set.  Now, the concept of “Set” really doesn’t do the contents justice, however. The suit itself comes in 8 sizes and the rest is done with the best HUD I’ve seen to date. The 3 base sets are: Black with Cream Vest, Black with Claret Vest and Black with Slate vest. Within those 3 sets are 4 vest shades, 4 shirt colors/styles and 4 matching Tie and Pocket Squares. You can also chose not to wear a pocket square. Finally, you can chose from 4 different types of trim for the jacket and pants. All that and they’re completely mix and matchable or you can easily choose From Look 1 to Look 4.  The two Special Edition sets are Black Hermitage and Black Ocean.

Bottom line: You can wear it out of the box or you can play with the HUD, whatever suits your fancy.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, as of this blog post, Bast and Paul are working on putting out add-ons for the HUDS due on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with dozens more tie, shirt and pocket square colors, shades, styles and patterns that you can add to your existing HUD. 12 more sets of vests and 8 ties in the entire rainbow of colors from Pink to Green and back again.

This is an absolute MUST have. MUST. One set with the combinations can make sure you aren’t seen in the same ole thing for multiple events. I didn’t point it out above in the details, but there are also 2 versions of the suit, so to speak. You can mix and match either the pants or jacket/shirt/tie combo with other things- though why would you want to put something inferior with this tux? However, it does mean that you can wear just the pants and say, a men’s undershirt or bare chested. Multiple alpha layers make any combo possible.

If you’ve held off buying mesh because of sizes, you really should head to L&B. Extensive research has led to their wide range of sizes that leave the “Standard 5” in the dust. As one of the gentlemen in the photo commented, “This is the first Mesh clothing that ever fit my shape without me having to change it.” I defy you to not be able to make this suit work for you. Each of us have very different body types- and we don’t look like we’re all the same size in these shots. The biggest complaint is that you lose your individual shape in mesh clothing- not in these we don’t.

Wrinkles, the little attention to detail- the fact the shoulder seams look like a true, tailored suit should.. shadows and bends and folds… its all brilliant.

Bravo, Bast and Paul. Another million dollar release.

From Left to Right:

  • Nigel: L&B Mesh Tuxedo Set: Cream*
  • Shirt: White Vest: Antique
  • Tie/Pocket Square: Red
  • Trim: Silk Trim Regular
  • Shoes: +grasp+


  • Orlando: L&B Mesh Tuxedo Set: Ocean
  • Shirt: Noir Vest: Deep Blue Brocade
  • Tie/Pocket Square: Mystic Blue (From the soon to be released “Plain Ties Blue” Addon Hud
  • Trim: Slim Trim Dark
  • Feet: Slink Pied for Men



  • Brian: L&B Mesh Tuxedo Set: Hermitage “Look 4”
  • Shoes: Redgrave boots

One thought on “L&B: Raising The Bar…. Again.

  1. They just got a ‘Classic’ tux put out with a bowtie: let me know if you need a spare model. 🙂

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