Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

[NOTE: WordPress has changed how inserting photos works and for one reason or another, mine seems to not want to accept URLs for including photos. So no pretty picture included today. I’m referencing this image:

San Francisco, and most of California to be honest, has four seasons which can be easily judged by the status of the pavement:

  • Pavement Hot and Dry
  • Pavement Cold and Dry
  • Pavement Hot and Wet
  • Pavement Cold and Wet

It bears noting we rarely see Hot and Wet in San Francisco outside the Castro on a Friday night, but I digress.

Somewhere in the last week we went from Summer to Winter. We skipped fall entirely, though we may have experienced it today while I was in and out of buildings. I can’t be entirely sure but I heard tell of sunshine and a chill in the air.  Why is this pertinent? Beacause it means its my favorite time of the year: sweater weather.

I love sweaters. I’ve commented on this before- the warm, cuddle-up inside of kind of sweater. Usually too big, nice and roomy are my favorites.  I had wanted to go in search of new sweaters for this, my first post after the Thanksgiving Holiday and post-Flu season for us here (I’ve been down almost 3 weeks with the most annoying flu in the history of creation)… but after several hours of shopping and nothing really sparking my fancy as of yet, I went with something I hadnt’ blogged before which I already owned.

This sweater sort of combines two of my favorite things: sweaters and a little flesh. I love the jagged bottom that veers off on one side down over the hip. The sculpted prims are nice too- subtle and not overstated; upper and lower puffy arms and a nice, wide collar. The texture is warm and plush feeling. Its a great sweater. And what sets off a sweater better than low-waisted plush pants from RFyre and belt and boots by L&B? Its a festival of my comfort designers all wrapped up in a nice bow.

Now, back to the closet with me and a set of sheep shears to tear up the crap I still have in there and find something new! What’s a man to do with a closet full of clothes he’s already been seen in!



Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Claude (Both black and white versions modified together)

Glasses: primOptic – monza

Necklace: omfg – Balanced Gear Pendant

Sweater: 22769 Casual Couture – Plain Jumper Red

Fingertape: Linc – Dollarbie

Belt: L&B – Belted Biker*

Pants: Rfyre – Acelin II Leathers – Buff*

Boots: L&B – Elise*

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