Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So apparently I’ve been needing to let out my inner demons or something. First green, now a dip into the black and red.  I blame my pet entirely. He’s spent the last week in and out of a rather fetching demon avatar that he’s been tweaking.  If nothing else, it most certainly gives a new meaning to getting a piece of tail.

This outfit actually started with the hoodie from FATEwear. The non-traditional cut took it away from “hoodie” and into the realm of costumed jacket with hood. This jacket represents the one thing that I absolutely and without reservation adore about Mesh created items; clothes that bend with you. Of course, now that I’ve said “without reservation” I should immediately caveat that with “when appropriate.”

In this case, no matter how I turn my head, the hooded portion bends and turns and wrinkles in wonderful ways around my head. It gives it that real “substance” and takes away the fakeness of my chin going through a prim attachment.  Its divine.

While I will save my rant for another tim– oh who the hell am I kidding, why wait? Cold medicine induced rants are always entertaining.

Who in their right mind, I ask you, thought it was a good idea to do slinky, floor length mesh dresses with slits up the sides? And then on top of that, who the hell thought it would be great to go /dancing/ in one? I’m sorry, but watching you spread your legs and the dress- which is supposed to be skintight and clingy- stretch while you do the splits… just is not attractive. It makes your entire gown look rubbery, fake, and plastic. It just seems like poor design. Same thing goes for you men, don’t think I’m just having a bash day on the ladies. Y’all know how much I LOATHE (see: contempt and condem to the firey pits of hell without so much as a bag of marshmallows) baggy, saggy ass trousers. They were bad enough before mesh.. but now? Oh now I get to see that diaper-loaded, saggy ass, flat as a pancake crotch streeeeeetch across my screen while you dance in poorly made pants?

Just bloody kill me.

Now where was I? Oh, right, jacket with hood.

I love the almost diamond shape of the pattern and the curled ‘tails’ down over the back. It immediately ran Harlequin to me which is a long-time personal favorite of mine. And no, I don’t mean the cartoon chick from I think Batman. (NOthing against Batman, mind you, but that’s not what I’m talking about.) I mean the zanni of the Italian Commedia dell’arte. Traditionally the servants of a piece, they are used to be the anonymous voice for a variety of functions from the common mob to deep representations that were often taboo at the time. Their roots also go deep into the spring festivals around the globe, most notably, the Carnivale in Venice. Let me tell you, wandering the gaslit streets of venice in the middle of the night being chased by robed Harlequin will give you a new appreciation for the Wild Hunt.

FATEwear has this jacket available in several different fatpacks of combinations, colors and patterns- not to mention solids. I dare you to find one you don’t like.  The cut is unique and the fit and wrinkles are lovely.

I must be feeling better. Take that, damn flu season!




Hoodie: FATEwear – Desmond Coat

Hair: Armidi – The Siren – Midnight II (Heavily Modified to fit under Hoodie)

Mask: LH – Harlequin Diabolique (Black/Red)

Pants: D-Style – Blake

Horns: SN – Dark Blood Prince Horns

Boots: VS – Urban Demon Leather Boots

Location: Patron

One thought on “H. Lee Quinn

  1. brittainycollins says:

    lol ok i cant honestly say that i dont hate the slinky slutty dresses also or when people have to go and add prims on top of prims on top of prims and then oh no i have an attachment point that does not have as many things on it as the others so i must add at least 5 other items to that attachment point..

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