Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

It was either two or three in the morning, its hard to say at this point what that the cold medication had made its vaguely hallucinatory presence known in full force by then, when the doorbell rang.

And there I was; covered in green body paint wearing nothing much more than a smile while scouring through proofs of the photo shoot. Hell, I hadn’t even taken off the wings yet. Very few people would ring my bell at that hour, any one of whom would not be surprised to see me in such a strange outfit. But then, it turned out to be my little admirer.

Such petite prey by comparison, my admirerer in his laced corset and tight-fitting leathers.

It reminds me of a standard “blue” joke from the 1950’s about never calling your buddy late any night of the week except bowling night. Though I suppose in this case, it was a green joke. (hut hut hut, guffaw)

Lateness of hour, depth of the cold medicine haze, or just being too tired, I’m not sure what happened, but he was there one moment and then gone the next. Perhaps the green paint just went to my head and I imagined the whole thing- wouldn’t be the first time.  I slithered back into the studio and finished up the portrait and went to bed.

Ah, cold medication. It does make for interesting times.

*** I’ve owned these wings for several years now, though their scripting has long since broken, and I never pass up a chance to wear them when its appropriate. A Halloween party last week was just the ticket for these old, but not forgotten, wings. Creator long since gone and the wings themselves irreplacable, I tend to stroke the feathers almost with a longing when they come out of their box. Created before Mesh, these sculpted wings were the first of the real 3D wings I owned that had a tangible thickness to them. You could really reach up and hang onto those strong bone frames- long enough at least to pluck a blood-stained feather from it before you were shaken free. I remember I picked them up at the Circus sim owned by the Rezzable group.

Demons are a dime a dozen in Second Life- rather like Vampires and Fashionistas. So if I’m going to put toether something that may make someone think Demon, I want it to still have my unique look on life.  When I saw this skin by Aeros Avatars, I knew I had found the basis for the “demon” creation.  My photo doesn’t honestly do it enough justice- I highly recommend going to their sim and look at it up close. The Avatar itself comes with several different colors of skin, several different hair bases, eyebrows and beard options. You can really make a unique look with the single package.  It also comes with a shape but I chose to keep my own.  As a freebie, or at least it was really really cheap, the creator has made ears to go with the skin. And while I didn’t go looking, it is my understanding that s/he also makes realistic, low lag genitals that match the skintones. So you really have no excuse not to full monty on a friday night.

The silks- yes, I own silks- are from Tigereye Designs (T.E.D.). Whenever I need something that I want that particular look for, I always head there. Usually its for an armband or another accessory as the creator makes some amazing work and since they’re all modifyable, even silks can be adjusted to be a belt worn with other clothing items.

And really, can I go anywhere without a harness and lockable arm bands?

Ok, cold meds too harsh now. Mongo no think no more. Go listen to music.



Style Card:

Skin, Beard, Hairbase, Ears: Aeros Avatar – Baenar, Verdigris (ears in separate package)

Hair: Raw House – Urban Savage 2 (white 04)

Harness & Arm Bands: HUNG, Black Titanium

Wings: Shattered Serah Wings, White (Old Rezzable Creation)

Sim: A sneak little look at the center piece of my home





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  1. brittainycollins says:

    oohhh yumminess thy name is nigel!!

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