Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Its been awhile, hasn’t it, since I filled your screens with diatribe and rant or for that matter, filler and nonsensical babble.

The real life job has kept me hopping quite a bit, globetrotting like a fiend. That plus a boy and a pet and a sim that will some day get built (but has actually gotten quite a bit of my attention lately due to inspiration) and I’ve not really had the … lets say focused direction required to do photos and blogging as of late.

Inspiration, however, struck me last night when I had the most singularly surprising little blue box of notification pop up in the corner of my Firestorm browser: You have received “A Gift From an Admirer”.  I’m more like a cat than I usually care to admit with my curiosity so, with brow piqued, I opened, unpacked, and read the notecard which came with it.

Ego sufficiently stroked by the enclosed notecard, I took a peek at the contents of the box and found the most delicious set of piercings and chains with shiny baubles. Much like the nose/ear chain I have worn for the last, uhm, err, ahhhh, 5ish years of My SL life (What, you know I’m a creature of habit.. don’t judge), however, this was much more intricate and detailed with extra little bits. On top of that, the gems of the chain color change to every stripe of the rainbow. Sets for both the left and right side as well as a couple versions with and without the chains. I was like a kid in a silvery piercing candy store adjusting little prims and making them fit because, smart cookie the creator is, made them copy/mod. All hail proper permission setting. The photo here was intended to show them off, but I got in photoshop and that was the end of that. You’ll have to just go see them yourself in his shop.

With a grin on my face the size of Mt. Rushmore, I IMed the creator who had sent me such a lovely little gift with a thank you and then spent the next, hmmmm, hour or so, chatting with him. I, apparently, surprised him by actually being online when he sent it.

And this, ladies and gentlesluts, is the part of our show where Nigel’s brain goes on safari.

I love to write. I love to RP. I just don’t get the opportunity very often. Most of the Roleplay Sims I have poked my head into on SL fall into three main categories:

1) Weapons Hot! If your sim requires me to put on a combat hud, thank you but no thank you. I’m here to play, not have a meter of some sort tell me what is going to happen when one of your underaged, compensating-for-a-small-penis players decides to ambush my roleplay by sticking a (insert cliche weapon of choice here) into my back. Thanks, no. Not my thing. Go watch the Matrix again.

2) Txt spk, fuk me babe Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good fuck as much as the next guy. But the key here is “good”. One-line rapid fire roleplay, traditionally involving poor spelling and an utter lack of punctuation does nothing for me. I’d rather read gesture spam. kthxbai.

3) My Drama Llama Is Better Than Your Drama Llama Melodramatic fits of angst and ennui are fabulous if you’re the key player in an Emo video for that local band who was too cheap to hire a real actor. But that’s really about it. If your response to everything involves anything resembling a Gone With the Wind staircase run, I won’t be back. Mary Sue has been spoken for, we don’t need any more.

You’re probably wondering how we went from facial piercings to Nigel’s Personal Rant on Roleplay, but I assure you, there’s a connection.

My little admirer, in addition to being a content creator of pretty baubles and other things, is also a paragamer. For those unfamiliar with the term, “para” does not in this sense indicate a penchant for ghosts or the unexplained, rather, for “paragraph”. (Though now, I admit, I’m envisioning a group of ghosts sitting around the table bitching about not having corporeal form enough to push buttons on a iPhone to send text messages from beyond.). His chosen style of roleplay, as I mentioned up before the roleplay sidebar, is what kicked off Nigel Safari Brain. See, told you it would all come back around.

To put it in more Neanderthal terms: Me Hunter. You Prey. Bang Stick. Rawr.

SL decided to have its Unscheduled Maintenance last night so unfortunately our conversation was cut short. But I did get a nice offline and note sent to me. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.

Do I know where its going? No. But that’s half the fun. We’re both very happily attached to our significant others, there is no wedding ring sliding off to hide in a pocket somewhere. The gloves are metaphorically off and let the games begin.

Bottom line here, don’t miss an opportunity to meet someone new. Take a chance and send a random notecard- IM that stranger you’ve been looking at and say hello. Sure its challenging. Sure it can even be a little scary- all that potential for rejection- you’re putting yourself on the line. But you never know- you could meet someone fascinating and have a great time getting to know a new friend.

Besides, I can never pass up the chance to make a pretty boy squirm.



Souzou Eien: Piercings, Horns, beauties and baubles a plenty, very nice detailed tiny-prim work. Take a look!

5 thoughts on “Safari Brain

  1. brittainycollins says:

    Nigel i think you just take great glee in watching all lower earth forms squirm..

    1. Guilty! And quite happily so 😀

  2. Draconias T. says:

    O.O *Mumbles and squirms and blushes as he peeks out from under his desk*

    1. petrvanbeeck says:

      Nigel just like to make them squirm and squeal.

      1. Look who’s talking, daddy bear!

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