Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Between travel for the dayjob what keeps the pennies coming in, a birthday trip to Vegas, building a private sim, doing two commercial builds, volunteering for both the Second Pride Foundation Board and Second Pride Events Team, and both a boy and a pet to care for, Nigel’s been a busy little monster.

None of this however can get in the way when Lapointe & Bastchilde release new product for men. Paul warned me these badboys would be sliding up into my inventory soon and when the little blue box appeared, it was like christmas without the embarassing moment at 3am when dad tells mom to sit on his lap and you freeze in the hallway on the way to the loo.

And a lot less therapy involved.

As was to be expected with a Mesh release from L&B, these bad boys are high and tight where it counts and loose and fancy free around your pair of boots du jour.  The contours on the shading and texture are enough to make me want to lick my own avatar. (Lets see what the pet and the boy think of them in the morning- IM me in world and I’ll let you know how it turns out…)

In one pair of leathers, with the included HUD, you have 3 textures- Quilted, Ribbed and Plain. Each texture features the zipped-up cuffs at the bottom with the distressed metal and intricate ladder. If you can’t find a size that fits, I’d be shocked, because not only does he include the XXS-XL (8 sizes in all) but there’s also Regular and Tall. So for you folks playing the home game, that’s 16 different sizes available to find the perfect fit. And if that weren’t enough, he includes an alpha layer for just pants or pants and feet in one.  Innit he thoughtful?

Match it with any one of the L&B S’wear Belts (And I really do mean match it- the belt loops line up perfectly once you stretch it to fit your size) and don’t forget to pull on your biker boots.

Delicious. Simply Delicious.



Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion – Black

Glasses: primOptic – monza

Shirt: >>ROOTS<<00T1001(M)

Belt: L&B – Biker Belt – Bronze*

Pants: L&B – S’Wear MESH Zip Leather Pants*

Boots: L&B – Classic Biker Boots

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